Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lie to Me - Pied Piper ...kinda

by Jonathan Bredemeyer

This week's Lie to Me starts with a truth. Lightman sees truth in a man being put to death for murdering a child. Lightman's ex-wife resurfaces as Lightman wants to investigate the dead man's final truth. Reynolds walks in with a new recording mimicking the recording used in the murder 17 years before. Also, Lightman helped convict the man originally, so Foster questions his motives in pursuing this. After Lightman tears up the parents' house to make sure the parents aren't perpetuating the story for personal gain, the dead man's brother shows up threatening to sue Lightman for getting his brother killed. In the meantime, the underlings (Torres and Loker) wonder if Lightman's a psychopath for not feeling remorse over the situation.

Presumably, they go behind the father's back and get the mother of the dead child to take a call at the Lightman Group's office. The call that actually comes is from her still-living son's roommate that says he's been missing. Sporting a soccer scarf, Lightman and Reynolds visit the photographer who was the last one to see Oliver alive. After discovering he gets boys into his studio to take their naked pictures, they learn he doesn't know where Oliver went. Meanwhile, Loker wants to look for a new job and is trying to convince Torres to do the same. Foster learns of this and gets ticked claiming they should defend Lightman to the death (of their jobs of course). After a female bonding moment, Foster and the Ex send over the daughter to try to soften Lightman up enough to ask for help. It works as Lightman beings collaborating, but Reynolds insists he's off the team. Lightman goes to get himself committed in order to speak to the deadman's girlfriend who recently became a guest in a psychiatric ward right after the killer calls Oliver's mom using the same scary, kiddish voice and asking her how to play 'bloody murder.'

Let me just say, Lightman makes an absolutely perfect psycho. He appears all too comfortable as he plays up crazy while gradually cornering and explaining to her that he knows she is in there for protection. Getting her to admit that she received a death threat the day her buddy was put to death, Lightman tries to leave the ward but is refused. He calls his ex-wife to come 'bail him off' while Oliver's mom receives another threatening call and Reynolds finds the boy's abandoned car.

It's a flashback to House, M.D. as for some reason, Lightman's team is now using a whiteboard in a meeting with the FBI. Lightman delivers his ward report to Reynolds from the dead man's ex-girl. After running his eyes all over Foster, Lightman placates his daughter with answers to her seemingly unrelated questions about her conception. Torres begins a plan to befriend the brother of the dead man to stop him from suing Lightman. She and Loker take him pastries and the plan appears to work. Lightman immediately receives a call from the eerie kiddish voice asking more riddle questions and if he knows where his daughter is. And... cue the House, M.D. commercial during the break... (good job Fox at working in the 'hints'). Lightman's daughter is discovered to be fine as his Ex is now fully (and neurotically) on board with helping find the killer. They begin to go through old evidence and determine the dead man's brother is actually the killer while he just lured them in. Lightman finds a fake wall while all the FBI agents disappear and the real killer attacks Lightman. He stabs him and everyone seems to go home happy...

In the end, Emily still wants a car. The previews for next week were the most exciting part of this week's episode...
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