Monday, August 16, 2010

Favorite Episodes: Step by Step

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I'm not really sure how this show slipped my mind in the beginning, as I began to compile a list of the shows I've seen every episode of. This show was my favorite for a short period of time (it's hard to compete with the heartthrobs on Boy Meets World and Home Improvement, haha), and I think that the premise (a more modern-day Brady Bunch) was an intriguing one, and something that was missing from television at that time. The kids were all really different from one another, and the random extra characters (which came and went) added some spice to the plots. It's another show that I saw here and there (anything that ran in 1993-1994 is that way for me, since I had a big move, and since I was a child my parents didn't really think that my television preferences were a priority, LoL), but I caught it all eventually.

I could not find any video clips of the mentioned episodes except for one (which I went ahead and embedded). It does seem that they were previously on youtube and were taken down.

Season 1: "Yo-Yo's Wedding" (S01E07) Frank and Carol find out that their Jamaican wedding wasn't legal, so they decide to go ahead and get married in Wisconsin. However, the date coincides with Brendan's birthday party. They don't think this will be a problem initially, since the party is before the nuptials. However, when the clown doesn't show up, Frank jumps in to save the day for his son. This does mean, however, that he is still in costume when it's time to say the vows, hahahaha.

Season 2: "Happy Birthday, Baby" (S02E14) Dana is turning 17 and wants to have an unchaperoned party. Carol and Frank are against that, so Dana rents a hotel suite to have a secret party. Unfortunately, Carol and Frank end up spending the weekend at the same hotel, just across the hall from the shindig. In the side-plot, Al washes Karen's shirt, and Cody acts as a judge about the whole situation.

Season 3: "Hog Wild" (S03E07) It's Frank and Carol's anniversary, and they're busy trying to get the other a perfect gift. It starts to get out of control, but Brendan's homemade gift reminds them that it's the love that counts. In a strange side story, JT tries to convince Cody to open up a motorcycle repair shop.

Season 4: "One Truck, Al Dente" (S04E16) Al becomes the fourth child in the household to start driving. However, she pressures JT into giving her lessons underage - in Frank's new truck. She scrapes up the side, and the two of them use putty to try and cover up the accident. Unfortunately, that doesn't hold long and Frank soon sees what happened. Elsewhere, Dana has had her wisdom teeth removed, and Cody is keeping her company while she is heavily medicated.

Season 5: "We're Going to Disney World" (S05E22-23) In this two-parter, the family (plus Flash and Rich) go to Disney for Frank and Carol's anniversary. The three older girls are all going to compete in a Country singing competition, although Karen gets much more intense about it than originally planned. Brendan and Mark help Flash try to make it to all of the rides in the park in world-record time. But the best part of the story is where JT tries to claim that he is from the Disney lineage to impress girls, but he and Rich end up blowing their entire savings doing so.

Season 6: "Macho Man" (S06E17) A bunch of the older kids are out at a fun center, playing mini-golf, batting cages, arcade games, etc. JT's girlfriend, Sam, beats him in every game, so he starts to feel stupid. To make matters worse, she stands up for him at the pool hall, and his confidence is shot. In a cute and strange side story, Jean-Luc takes Lily for a booster shot at the doctor's office, but he also ends up needing a tetanus shot.

Season 7: "Your Cheatin' Heart" (S07E03) Dana starts to get suspicious of Rich's faithfulness when he makes stupid excuses. Karen and Al discover that he's been over at another woman's house. Fortunately, it turns out that he is just taking dance lessons to impress Dana. Meanwhile, Frank and Carol can't get on the same page to spend romantic time together until they're both under the weather and unable to enjoy themselves.

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