Friday, March 25, 2011

Chelsea Files for Custody; Writing off Minute to Win It

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Unscripted commentaries this week include: Cake Boss19 Kids and Counting, Teen Mom 2, Minute to Win It, and Wipeout.
Cake Boss (S04E10): LoL, the bakery folks are WWE fans and Santino Marella is there for a cake. It's a business cake, it'll be a segment to promote WrestleMania. I thought that the rendering was a bit strange. Santino has a cobra move, and a unibrow, LoL. Pundcake because it's sturdy. Strange muff-hat-thing on the psychic's head. Buddy looked pretty skeptical at her, LoL. haha, Grace is butting in again. But, to a certain degree, I agree with her. There were a few errors that were pretty legitimate. Interesting methods to make the mountain look lava-y... royal icing, with their hands, towel-sponging, etc. Mary taking off the blue veins wasn't cool. "like a dictionary, you've got so much definition" hahaha. hahaha, Santino takes off most of the other characters, which took Buddy by surprise. The girls came in and ripped it apart! I was sad.  

19 Kids and Counting (S06E11): wow... one day to get everything out of their second lot, including 47 cars... no location to go to, tho! The bank won't lease the property to them anymore, but they didn't accept their offer, either. Mackynzie is 14 months here. She likes yogurt and sweet potatoes the best. Anna is 12 weeks pregnant, so this episode is older than some of the other recent ones. Josh speaking Spanish with a customer was impressive. Why did Josh wait until the day of to ask for help? That cargo truck came in handy! Priscilla and Jonathan are still in town, so they help, too. Josh looked really stressed at lunch. Only 6 Duggar kids have licenses, so there weren't too many drivers to move all of the cars! They made it... which was impressive. Re-zoning a fast-food restaurant into a car lot sounded difficult. I liked Anna's dress on the re-zone meeting day. JimBob has had re-zoning done quite a bit. It was unanimously "no" so they have to find another location. I agree, it did make sense that, because that area is the start of their city, they don't want a car lot there. Josh looked like he might cry, tho. I don't know how smart it was to BUY the lot before getting it re-zoned... unless that's how it has to happen. Anna did a lot of talking for Josh in the interview, which was nice. They did win the appeal.
I think that they waited to show this one because there are clearly months apart items and whatnot with all of the meetings. I saw that "James Duggar" owned the property... so I'm thinking it's actually JimBob's, haha. 

Teen Mom 2 (S01E11): It's still October for Leah, and probably for Chelsea, too. Next week looks pretty good, too.    
Jenelle: $700 in two days. dang, Jenelle. Jenelle never called her boss to say that she wouldn't be there, so after she was a no-show twice, she got fired. Why not call??!? Her mom invited her to come home if she'll talk to her. Which is good, because she's had to sleep in her car. Her mom doesn't want to send her to jail, but will press charges if Jenelle doesn't pay up. 
Kailyn: She withdraws from Chemistry. Nice that her mom paid the $142.50 to file for custody.  
Chelsea: Adam hasn't paid child support since 6/22, so he's going to be prosecuted. She's still struggling to get her GED. 
Leah: she and her mom drove three hours to Kentucky so Ali could get the second opinion. But she still needs to see a geneticist. 

Minute to Win It (S02E33): Father-Daughter Day. Wayne & Darcy. Darcy wants to be a dentist because she likes to do tooth extractions, LoL.
Game 1: Mad Dog: Team Game. Clench a ruler between your teeth. It has a box of tic-tacs on each end. Shake around to get all of the tic-tacs out. After one person finishes, the other person does the same thing. Darcy goes first. They finish with 25 seconds to go. Surprisingly, I think it took Darcy less time than Wayne, despite his "mad dog" face being more appropriate.
Game 2: Blueprint Bonus (where has this been lately??): Extra 10 seconds. Ping Tac Toe: Team Game. Each player bounces ping-pong balls into water-filled glasses, trying to get three in a row out of the nine-glass grid. They both use the same color, so really it's just bouncing! Sadly, it ends up being a time-disqualification. On the second try, they get it with 18 seconds to go (though, I must admit, I was a tiny bit doubtful that they wouldn't make it!).
Game 3: Ready Spaghetti: Use a piece of uncooked spaghetti to thread a pop-tab attached to a soda can. Keeping the pasta between your mouths, lift and transfer 3 cans from one area to another, in a pyramid formation. There are other cans and other pieces of spaghetti. One piece of pasta breaks, but they make it in the end.
Game 4: Booby Trap: A Pringles can is leaning halfway onto a glass bottle. Bounce a ping-pong ball at the chips can to knock it onto the bottle. Do it three times, out of five set-ups. Darcy finishes in just eleven seconds!! superfast!
Game 5: Blueprint Bonus: Extra Life. Spoon Tune: Arrange 10 water-filled glasses so that they play "Row, Row, Row your Boat" when you clink them with a spoon. I totally saw Darcy going for this, LoL. She asks to use her previous bonus, the 10 Extra Seconds. So, she starts with 70 seconds, and sadly, still fails. She had a couple cups out of order at the end. She looks pretty upset. Her dad gives her a pep talk. She wins the second time, with 21 extra seconds on the regular clock, LoL.
Game 6: Layin' Track: Put rows of staples on an inclined table so that they make a track over three pairs of erasers. The end goal is to be able to roll a marble down the track and into a glass at the end. Darcy goes AGAIN. She gets it with 8 second to go.
Game 7: Cyclone: there's a single marble in each of three soda bottles. Get all three going simultaneously while over glasses, and hope that the marbles don't fall out for three seconds once they're all spinning. As soon as any marble falls out, it's game over. Wayne goes for it. He looks like he has good form. He loses at 42 seconds to go.Darcy goes for it on their last life. It's not looking good, and although she gets all three going, it doesn't last three seconds.

so, I have to be honest. I've come to loathe this show. It's the only one I don't look forward to watching every week. I don't get excited about the contestants. I don't like the games as much anymore (so many new ones!). I don't like the mini-competitions half the time in the early rounds. And the Blueprint Bonus drives me nuts... it's not standard, and you're pretty much guaranteed to get it... why not only get it if you win that particular round on the first try or something? Actually make it a bonus! Anyway, this is my way of saying that I just can't take this show anymore. I've complained about it often lately, but I've had it. I can't even stick it out until the end of the season. I'm done. If you still like this show, tell me how it captures your interest. My mind isn't too stubborn, haha.

Wipeout (S04E10): Spring Qualifier starts with a dlipsy-daisy thing, then spring-a-vator to big balls. Then the Spring Fling, a swinging trampoline thing, and then Ballsy's Kitchen. "If it flies, it dies" is a scary motto. The kitchen part causes a lot of wipeouts, LoL. Round 2 is the Scare-ou-sel, with the yellow winging danglers and the red swinging danglers. You have to switch at a specific point and end at a specific point. Red first, then yellow. There are multiple sweeper arms attacking you as you go around. there are a ton of wipeouts on the first half of this one! Round 3 is a dizzy dummy to a diving board to a flipping platform to a bouncing pedestal to the crankshaft with a moving floor to the knee sweeper to a turntable to the end. As soon as someone makes it all the way across, everyone has to go back to the beginning and start over. This group seemed to be particularly dizzy at the beginning. Tonight's WipeoutZone is.... spring shot to the over-and-out rotating roadblocks to point break (staircase and timed spinning slide) to coin toss (flipping circles you have to cross). First, Inventor Chris. I always laugh when someone messes up the slide part, LoL. The coin toss is hard, but is so funny, too! 10:47 is his time, which I'm surprised with, given the number of mess-ups he had. DJ Bill is next. His upside-down wipeout on the over-and-out was funny. And again, hahaha. He runs out of time. Robyn the Birder is last. She comes close, but ultimately runs out of time, too. [season finale May 19, but will be back June 16th... but looks like it'll be moving to Tuesdays starting June 21st]
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Off season/Coming Up:
Kate Plus Eight (Season 2 returns on April 4th at 10pm)
Teen Mom (no idea)
16 and Pregnant (Tuesday, April 19th at 10pm)
The Unpoppables (we saw six episodes of the first season, now the show is MIA)
Outrageous Kid Parties (we saw four episodes of the first season, now the show is MIA)
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