Thursday, March 24, 2011

Barney Meets his Dad; House gets Married

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Commentaries this week include: House, How I Met Your Mother, Mr. Sunshine, and Hot in Cleveland.  

The Simpsons (S22Exx): Episode 17 upcoming

House, M.D. (S07E17): Random guy in the woods ends up catching fire when a kid accidentally explodes a rocket. Strange premise, but believable. Segway... cool. OMG... Martha does not know who FERRIS BUELLER is!!! The odor test was interesting, so was House getting married to save $33,000 a year, LoL. The numerous names were strange, but at the same time they should have guessed that the guy would give multiple fake names. The homeless guy claims to be clean for three months, from heroin, since he was clinically dead for several minutes due to an overdose. Taub trying to boycott the wedding while Chase and Foreman are IN the wedding was funny. Interesting... there's a guy at a restaurant who challenges him to eat gross things, but in doing so, he earns real food. The remote-controlled helicopters were cool. Interesting that Chase is yet again re-confronted by God was good, I wonder what the throughline with this is going to be. Chase and Foreman playing ping-pong in radiology with House and the fiance was interesting... I didn't see Foreman falling into this mess. The Monster Truck was pretty sweet. Taub being genuinely offended that he's not in the wedding was funny. Having the girl down under the desk at the time made it funnier. HAHAHA, this homeless guy stole another kid from rehab's identity! Wilson butting in was peculiar. Ooooh.... Cuddy got strict. like the old days, LoL. haha, Chase performed the ceremony. I'm glad that Wilson was there to console Cuddy. Body can't process chlorophyll.... good one, medically. The homeless kid is still clean-shaven after several days of hospitalization? Or he keeps shaving? "I never sleep with married women. I'm going to bed. You can take the couch" ... good. This will stay interesting. Wow... 13 murders across the country... creepy. 

How I Met Your Mother (S06E19): cool to see the house again. haha on the "someone introduce yourself, I'm not sure who this is" thing. Barney has NO tools? I've been looking forward to seeing John Lithgow in this role... seeing him as kind of an "older Barney" was neat. And then we find out Barney just made him to be cool. sad. And watching him try to be cool was interesting. Gaps are always a fun thing to discuss.... chameleon was funny. North Pole was good, too. Lily has no aim. Robin wasn't sure about reindeer being real, either. Marshall can't wink, swallow pills, catch all of the belt loops, or make oatmeal correctly. Poor Daddy... Barney blew him off. Everyone treating Marshall like he can do no wrong was funny... Marshall seeing how far he could push it was even funnier! The dad trying to get along with both sons was funny. His dad getting to teach him how to use a screw driver was interesting.

Mr. Sunshine (S01E07): melting body parts? omg. I hate it when people make fun of Alan Thicke. I love him. Crystal is using twitter, haha. Roman is so clueless, haha. I love how much the mascot guy does. Just tossing a ball sends Roman running, haha. Roman's blood tastes salty... only Heather would know that, LoL. Roman just wants tater tots, mashed potatoes, and his mom. how cute! ooooh.... Ben admits to Alonzo that he was the one who dated Alice. Which marriage is Roman from? "let my body be your body" means what exactly? Ben running around the room was funny. Roman had to explain the food analogies to his mom, haha.

Better With You (S01Exx): Episode 17 coming up.
[May 11 season finale]

Hot in Cleveland (S02E10): haha on the A-story B-story thing. Elka's lawyer got hit with a softball? geez. Elka using a butterscotch candy to flirt was really cute. The Palin jokes caught me by surprise. "find me a fatter kid or a smaller shirt" hahaha. "how rich can you be if you didn't get out of jury duty" haha. "the truth? my viewers deserve better than that!" The lead-in for the new episodes starting June 15th looked good, too. [mid-season finale]
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Off season/Coming Up:
The Secret Life of the American Teenager (season 3 continues March 28th at 8pm)
South Park (season 15 starts April 27th at 10pm) 
Futurama (Season 6, episode 14 on June 23rd)
Melissa & Joey (season 2 starts June 29th, 8pm)
Terra Nova (premiering in September) 
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Kelly said...

Best part of HIMYM this week was Marshall coming into the bar with the possum. I was dying!