Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Course for Wipeout; Duggars Having a Boy

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Here are the rest of the commentaries from last week. Unscripted commentaries this week include: Cake Boss19 Kids and Counting, Outrageous Kid Parties, Teen Mom 2, Minute to Win It, and Wipeout.

The Unpoppables (S01Exx): not this week. Episode 7 TBA.

Cake Boss (S04E09): Groundhog cake... which was before Valentine's Day, so we're airing them out of taped order, LoL. Staten Island Zoo. Chuck... way more accurate than Phil, apparently, haha. Make the groundhog pop up without casting a shadow... cool idea. Dana is there, yay. I laughed at Dana eating before Buddy's voiceover, LoL! A cake for a party that's going to be a Ripley's museum, cool. A Buddha made from a million shredded dollar bills... ridiculous! Okay, so Buddy's mom hasn't been around because she's been on a cruise. And we know for a fact that the baby was born on Valentine's Day, so various elements are thrown together in this episode... because the Groundhog Cake couldn't have been made while Carlo was around, LoL. Big house!! oooh... and Buddy's mom is remarried... I don't think they've ever made reference to that before! wow.... nice groundhog!! haha!!! Anthony being the mechanism. Coconut custard pies were Sal's specialty, so they make some for the memorial. The upside-down fondant-ing was really looking challenging! Everyone has Carlo's jackets now, interesting. I'm pretty sure that Rhea was coached in saying "I can't believe it" because she was at Ripley's, LoL. 5am delivery is rough, LoL. haha on Buddy calling Joey and Anthony "Frick and Frack" hahahahaha. 

19 Kids and Counting (S06E10): wow, that's a lot of clothes ready to be washed! They used to do laundry twice a week, but they're up to every day. 4 loads in the mornings is apparently the standard. Fun idea to have a third person find out the sex of the baby, and then the couple gets to be surprised with everyone else. It was really dark out when Josh, Anna, Michelle, Grandma Duggar, and Mackynzie got to the ultrasound office. That was a LOT of baking!! I did think it was amusing that they showed this again... we've seen the family give goodies to police and fire departments before. Michelle kept the secret for an entire week, although she confessed that she had talked to Josie about it, LoL. Remember, the sex of Josh and Anna's first baby was announced via colored cake that they cut into. So, having a skywriter draw the symbol of the gender was cool.... though a bit over-the-top, I thought. I liked seeing all of the family member guess whether it would be a boy or girl. . 

Outrageous Kid Parties (S01E04): Christina in Ashland, KY, lives with husband Ben, 13-year-old Zachary, and Carson about to be 9, and Jasmine about to be 7. Carson and Jasmine's birthdays are a month apart, so they're doing a joint party this year. Christina is a dentist. Jasmine thinks she's cute & sweet... she's a ballerina, singer, and pageant queen. Carson liked basketball and baseball, and he's shy. Circus is a cute idea, since it's pretty gender-neutral. $30,000 is her original budget. The weather is very snowy, and that's a big concern. Shira is the party planner. Monkeys, camel, horse, lots of animals. Christina wasn't thrilled that Shira wasn't thrilled, LoL. Carson didn't want the ringmaster costume. Jasmine tried on everything, LoL. Party planner quit because of the difficulties with the animals. The husband wasn't thrilled that $15,000 in deposits had already been paid. She closes down her office in order to plan the party, LoL. She only had 2 days to book the animals... how short-notice was this whole thing??!? Yvette & Yvonne have nine monkeys in their home?!? Cool cages I guess. Firetruck escort... not the stupidest thing ever, but it didn't exactly fit the theme, LoL. The weather is still killing them. They rent an armory. Why was Jasmine wearing a sleeveless dress to the armory... it's snowing out. Fire-swallower, stilt-walkers. 350 guests... but I wonder if she just opened it up to the town, LoL. The kids got a miniature pony as a present. Carson was not happy about sharing a gift after they already had to share a party. Jasmine really tried to steal the show. In the end, Dad wished that they had bought a car instead, LoL. $800 on clowns, $450 on jugglers, $1000 on aerialists, $4,000 for costumes, $4,000 for the cake, $15,000 for circus performers (um, isn't that what the first three items kinda were?), $1200 for monkeys, $500 for the venue (reasonable at least), for an overall cost of $29,873.54. 

Teen Mom 2 (S01E10): It's October otherwise (at least for Leah).   
Jenelle: premium gas because it's on her mom's card, and she's planning to pay it back right away.... um, ok. whatever. Kieffer's brother has a pretty bad attitude. haha, her mom knew she stole the credit cards. and then mom canceled them, haha. saw "Keiffer" in print, that was interesting. Kieffer has a Dick's shirt on... wonder if he's working there now. Yeah, she sucks. She doesn't deserve to have any custody. Her mom returning her financial aid to sender was just spiteful, though.  
Kailyn: Yeah... withholding stuff is one thing, withholding the child is different. oh good, he's not keeping Isaac from her. wow... Jo not wanting her to go through her stuff was strange.  
Chelsea: turning 19. Her dad has SO much patience with her!! no helmets... bad kids. I hate her hair. and all of her friends' hair. she hits her dad up for a birthday gift, LoL. she needs to STOP telling her dad about all the random Adam crap!! omg their hair all sucks AGAIN.  
Leah: she likes the expensive bouquet, LoL. hahaha, she forgot to send out the wedding invitations! and she's having second thoughts. a game where you put a condom on a banana... borrrring. "I'm sure you can get through a marriage" ...what?!?!?! Leah tries to get Cory to push it off a month, Cory wants to get married and then have the wedding whenever. All that money spent and her mom is like "don't get married if you're not sure."

Minute to Win It (S02E32): NBA players playing for charity. Derek Fisher and Shannon Brown, Lakers players. 
Game 1: Nice Build: Team game. 15 reams of copy paper are used to build a three-story structure. It must stand for three seconds. They finish with 9 seconds to go.
Game 2: Whipper Snapper: A towel is attached to the floor at one end. You whip the other end to get a ping pong ball across 15 feet and into a basket (it may bounce). He gets it with 42 seconds to spare.
Game 3: Speed Eraser: Team game. Bounce pencils into glasses. Do it 6 times each. They finish with 21 seconds to go.
Game 4: Cantenna: Lift 6 cans on a vertical string so that they hang in specified places by the pop-tabs. He doesn't make it by a quarter of a second or so. On the second try, he finishes with 9 seconds to go.
Game 5: Gettin' Juggy With It: Stack Four empty 5-gallon bottles into a tower. He made it look easy, finishing with 27 seconds to go!!
Game 6: Knock it Off: Use a spinning ball of yarn to bring down 4 our of 5 soda cans at varying heights on various platforms. The trick, however, is not to knock over the other soda can that is holding up each. He does well, but knocks one of the bottom soda cans over. Luckily, he makes the extra one, and finished with 25 seconds to go.
Game 7: Ball Cap: 21 metal teeth on a bottle cap. It's upside-down on a bottle. Drop a golf ball onto this set-up, knocking off the cap, but keeping the ball on the mouth of the bottle. There are 10, you have to do it 5 times. This one is tricky. He runs out of set-ups at 9 seconds, as he only gets four (one after the timer, but it didn't matter). With 28 seconds to go, he runs out of set-ups again. Game over, they win $75,000 for charity.

Wipeout (S04E09): First Spring episode of the season. New courses. First up, the qualifier is featuring a bed bugs obstacle, then a conveyor belt to the big balls, then a swinging platform that uses a trampoline to jump on, then a gross Wipeout Kitchen area. The first girl getting knocked off by the final sausage sucked. The "wrist mustache" reference was weird. "Brogre" was weird, too. I laughed at the reference to Dr. Strangelove, LoL. Next round, Scare-a-sol - red and yellow dangle things to ride around on, avoiding sweeper arms and such along the way. The first six contestants to make around move on. the danglies are pretty phallic, haha. The switch from red to yellow looks like the tricky part, really... along with exiting. Funny commentary about the contestants really acting too polite and that's why they lost a chance at that sixth seat. Now, we're in the Wild West. Starts with the Dizzy Dummy, then diving board to rotating platform to crankshaft to knee-sweeper to spinning platform to the end. And, all the while, moneybags and horseshoes are being thrown at them. The horses are cool... and odd. Not taking part in the second round ... interesting move, Econ professor. Oh, and then she quit, hahaha. 3 in the finals: Brogre, Rod from Harvard, Faux-Frenchman Joey. WipeoutZone now features: Vernal Equinox stuff...  Springshot into the water (with a bunch of those plastic hollow balls from a ball pit with you), then the Over-and-Out (which resembles a crazy fair ride if you ask me... but really is a set of rotating blocks that are difficult to describe), then Pointbreak (which is like climbing stairs and sliding down 20 feet to a platform... but the timing is much more advanced than that, and 500 gallons of water pours over you), then Coin Toss (involves getting across 7 small, slipping circles). haha on the "fresh new scent" joke. Brogre finds a good method for the Over-and-Out, but falters on the second one. 7:36 finish, having to do pretty much every obstacle multiple times. Rod finished with 4:28. Joey falls right away on the coins and so Rod wins.
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