Friday, March 4, 2011

Great Hot in Cleveland lines this week!

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Commentaries this week include: House, How I Met Your Mother, Mr. Sunshine, Better with You, and Hot in Cleveland. Click "keep reading" to see them.

The Simpsons (S22Exx): Episode 15 next week.

Family Guy (S09Exx): Episode 12 next week.

House, M.D. (S07E14): Kind of a creepy opening... and interesting that he's pretending to his wife that he has a more businessy job than he really does. "what do you think, I'm a complete @$$?" um, yeah. LoL, Taub and Foreman about the tie. Martha actually realized that someone was lying - lots of callouses on his hand doesn't mean executive, LoL. haha, "Mr. Meathooks." "Scary, Smarty, Shorty" being nicknames for the guys was amusing. "thanks for being honest" over not telling the truth was good. haha, Chase just promises outright. Wow... the wife has NO IDEA that he lost his real estate company?? All kinda of crazy clean-ups... interesting. Bert and Ernie... Foreman and Taub. Vicodin, haha. "Boric Acid exposure" ... interesting. House tasting the Vicodin to see if it's real was amusing. Obama is not the direct cause of the recession, Martha. "I don't have plans" "shocking" hahahaha. " hear it's genital herpes awareness month" hahaha. What a way to make Foreman and Martha join in on the benefit, LoL. Why would Taub let Foreman win? Foreman thought Taub poisoned him... HAHAHAHAHA. Watching people hallucinate scares me. Diagnostics in the bathroom was pretty gross. mariachi... okay... Bad job, Martha... shouldn't have told the wife that you knew first! awwww... House is trying to make Cuddy happy with the mariachi band... cute. I hate how someone always has to police what Martha wants to say to patients. House finally "booted" Martha out of the nest... interesting. "you husband's hearing.... is fine." Martha learned to lie... and it sounded dumb. Martha wasn't in there when the guy started cardiac arrest... why was she doing chest compressions? Hadn't they gotten the machine in there to shock him by then?? Does dialysis void the use of paddles or something?? It's been a long time since we've seen a patient death. What in the world is with Martha's necklace?? House reminiscing about other patients who've died was kinda strange... blaming his inefficiencies as a doctor on his time spent loving Cuddy was interesting.

How I Met Your Mother (S06E18): Cool image of the heart! Everyone had the same doctor?? A dog again? Whatever happened to Robin's dogs? "Big Fudge" ?? Funny part about Barney only having "one rule," LoL. Robin is stronger than Marshal?? Barney sitting on Lily's lap was funny. "this might be a little forward, but do you have a bomb strapped to your chest?" hahaha. Robin's dating a guy who acts like a dog... hahahahaha. "dogerisms" haha. The looking for the tag was cute. I really should've gotten it when she called him "Scooby," but I missed that, LoL. The jokes are fast and funny. Neil Patrick Harris is so strikingly handsome, LoL. "three... one of each" ...what??!?" toots" was weird from Robin. Nice slaps from Nora and Lily! And the doctor!! I'm glad that Barney went ahead and told the truth tho... I was expecting him to just keep lying. His heart "literally skipped a beat" when he saw Nora... how sweet! Love the magic trick. Caught me by surprise that he only saw himself going in... he didn't actually do it. 

Mr. Sunshine (S01E04): "you're only supposed to work 4 hours a week, yet you're always here and no one knows why," LoL. Ben doesn't know ANY names?? And people actually quit over him not knowing their names, LoL. "that's easy. I look like a Ben"  - that sounds kiiiinda racist to me. Strange thing with Roman and the fan. Two "Little Birds" was FUNNY. oooh... Crystal only chose them because it was a biracial relationship. haha on Roman not knowing what "vindicated" means, LoL. I learned that one when I was like nine years old from Full House, LoL. University of Phoenix... whaaaat??  Roman's flashcards were amusing... for a half second. Where do you get barbecue that you need a reservation?? haha, Roman's "job for the day." Why was Roman even carrying around the cards?? haha, they made it hot again after they found out about the cards. Who went around and handed out the cards??!? oh geez... Crystal is out of control. "Affinity Circle" ??? "The only book I've ever read" - Lord of the Rings or Lord of the Flies. What?? "What's with the striped socks? You're not Beetlejuice," hahahahaha. I liked the parting "you're really bad at affinity circles." wow... fraternity thing... totally didn't think of that, LoL. "gonna get drunk and race go-karts" hahaha, and as soon as Ben asks him to hang out, he makes up kids and a wife. This episode felt short to me. 

Better With You (S01E16): first night apart is a nice one. hahaha on the "I haven't even left yet," LoL. "Me... well that sounds Asian" hahaha. "We paid for her law school... at least we can get a free will out of it." haha on Maddie wanting to be seen as an adult, but Mia being happy that they see her as a child. "it doesn't matter, no good can come form answering that phone" - not a good thing. Ben with facial hair is creepy. Maddie throwing a falafal at a random girl that Ben dated years ago was strange. "you can't cut people from the will because they're Democrats." "No one feels sorry for a Jessica" hahaha. You can win spelling bee trophies as an adult?? I love how Maddie has porcelain ponies on her desk, and she still brushes their tails. The assistant made a ColorMeMine tea set made especially for Maddie. interesting. Joel & Maddie: "Is this what you are going to be like now?" "it sure is" "where do you come down on butter?" "a little is okay" "can I get butter on my fruit? Otherwise it tastes like nothing." LOL.

Hot in Cleveland (S02E07): They're going to make a sex tape after coffee... sounds interesting. A Victoria - Melanie sex tape?? No nudity or touching? what?? I smiled when Elka started explaining sex tapes, LoL. The "after Dexter" thing was creepy. "Daylight Savings Time... it's like jet lag but you don't get to go anywhere" hahaha. The twitter jokes were okay. "Recycling - high maintenance garbage." I don't know if I'd want to meet someone at the therapist's office. She stole the guy's files to speed up the dating process, LoL. "I'm assertive, I stole these files!" Doing what he fears most isn't cool. "She comes from a very classy escort service" "you can tell because the a-s-s in 'classy' in capitalized." haha on "it's high-def, so don't zoom." "I get a lot of requests for the brain" um, what? "Why is everyone in porn a 'star'? Are there no porn character-actors? hahahahaha. I didn't care for Joy's one-shoulder top. Joy is doing things that she learned from the files too quickly. "I suppose I could get publicity the old-fashioned way - shoplifting" hahaha. haha on "complete honesty." "We hate too many of the same things not to stay together" - Cirque du Soleil (say it's not so!), Jazz (agreed), Flying (jigga what?!?). Joy letting it slip that she read his files was stupid. "I went from 'I love you' to a restraining order in ten minutes." I wanted to see more of the dog. Maybe next time? "big and hairy like a Cleveland man" haha. A fake addiction for "Celebrity Rehab" ?? 
Getting people to watch Retired at 35 by airing outtakes from Hot in Cleveland during it was a good idea. But it only works for those who watch it live. 
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