Saturday, March 19, 2011

Marge as a Hoarder; Martha has a Crush; Roman & Heather

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Commentaries this week include: The Simpsons, House, Mr. Sunshine, and Hot in Cleveland.  

The Simpsons (S22E16): whoa... Lisa was playing a trumpet in the opening gag! eh on the chalkboard and the couch. Homer thinking that drugs would be all around was annoying... got old really fast. Bart not knowing who Beavis & Butthead are makes it clear that this episode is 2011, not 1991, even though Simpsons was on then, too, LoL. haha, the "media room." Homer being the one who jumped the line and then also went and filled in was dumb. I didn't like it. "saw you through some very square times" was funny. The unborn child laughing in the womb was bad. Burns' vision was funny. The "rent" audition bit was bad. prop trunk... okay. celery phone... not okay. Teach & Chong. Cheech & Chunk. haha, old Blockbuster joke. The hoarder storyline was great, from beginning to end! I always lot "Memory" from Cats!! The "except Catcher in the Rye" part was hilarious. "trans fats" = Spanish = hahaha. "Does Marrakesh hoard intrigue" hahaha. Loved the ending, knew Bart was Puck right away, and the ad for hulu was good, too.

House, M.D. (S07E16): I loved the intro... the music went well with the action. haha, "avoiding avoiding the issue." haha, massages. Clean for two years? It's been that long??!? what is this "herty gerty" thing? LoL. Martha having a crush on the patient was downright funny. holy moley... how many different girls are we going to see with House this episode?? The arrow drove me crazy... I couldn't believe he did that!! Neat singing test to diagnose the blackouts! Ridiculous that they have to tear this guy apart to test things!! That was a really graphic heart operation scene! Wow... the underwater scene was weird. "what do you do when you win?" "party!" "what do you do when you lose?" "party harder!" haha.

How I Met Your Mother (S06Exx): Episode 19 upcoming. 

Mr. Sunshine (S01E06): I've decided that I like the opening billboard thing that tells you what is being featured at the center this week. whoa... Roman didn't know that a man has been on the moon? they're in San Diego... okay.Bratty dot-com billionaire brothers, haha. "signature endzone pole dance" ...haha. Crystal making Ben do tax audit stuff instead of making the accountants do it is weird. what does it mean to "put on a pot of rum" ?? writing to sweet-eyed convicts... SCARY. a cheetah as an entertainment expense... geez. prizes in pies?? Ross Perot's cord blood? They saved that back then?? The third husband's anniversary, LoL. out of six. I was not impressed that Ben chose to stay with Crystal instead of see the quarterback. Heather and Roman are the most awkward people ever! hahaha on the competition to donate more.... loved that. Roman and Heater are watching Spongebob, really??  

Better With You (S01Exx): Episode 17 coming up. 

Hot in Cleveland (S02E09): Gardening... okay. Victoria was way too sexual in the reporting scene though. Marcus and Annabelle were funny. "warm in winter is unnatural" ... agreed! Joy's "old people are the worst... senior center included" was funny. Melanie and Joy volunteering at a senior center is an interesting move. Joy's words about how old people don't need healthy food was disturbing. "there's very American about doing good deeds to get superficial media coverage" hahaha. Victoria took the kids to her normal pub?? Red wine and salt in the chili, hahahaha!!! and gross. Butter and olive oil in the macaroni and cheese... ewwww. Love how Victoria changed the way she opened the story about the food, hahaha.
[next week is the mid-season finale. it's supposed to be a cliff-hanger!]
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Off season/Coming Up:
The Secret Life of the American Teenager (season 3 continues March 28th at 8pm)
South Park (season 15 starts April 27th)
Terra Nova (previewing in May; premiering in September)
Futurama (Season 6, episode 14 on June 23rd)
Melissa & Joey (season 2 starts June 29th, 8pm)
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