Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mauro does Morocco; Kate with a Koala

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Reviews & Commentaries for unscripted shows this week include: Cake Boss, Kate Plus Eight, Teen Mom 2, Pregnant in Heels, and Wipeout.

Cake Boss "Second Anniversary, Surgery & St. Patty's" (S04E13):  It's St. Patrick's time. There are a lot of Irish people in the area, and there's multiple parades; Hoboken is always first. Joey (who is half-Irish, half-Italian) doesn't think that a full-blooded Italian should be the Grand Marshal for an Irish parade. [good point] Other workers at the bakery are siding with Joey. Mauro steps in and handles Buddy's duties while he is in the hospital. The gay couple who had the wrong wedding cake delivered a few seasons ago are back to order another cake, this time for their anniversary (coincidentally, the very first episode of Cake Boss I reviewed was the one where the guys first appeared). They want a very intricate, big, detailed Moroccan cake. [Interesting rendering for that cake] They do it in red velvet with cream cheese and vanilla cake with buttercream. Mauro asks Frankie and Danny to help, since they have a special bond, having been there for so long. Ralph sculpts the dome for the top. Mauro does the intricate piping.. it turns on Madeleine. [haha!] Joey is planning to boycott the parade and go to Atlantic City. [LoL!] Turns out that Buddy had two hernias, both were fixed in the surgery [makes sense now that we heard a reference to a "double hernia" last week] Mauro is concerned that nobody will be able to do the fabulous droplines like Buddy does, so he has a mini competition to see who might be best. Danny gives up trying, and the girls who tried aren't great, but they tried. Buddy comes in to do it in the end. He even manages to leave as soon as that part is over - he doesn't get sucked into working on anything else. Joey makes green cannolis [hahaha!] The guys love the cake [The cake looked magnificent in the end! I also liked the joke about lifting with his knees because he doesn't need a hernia too, LoL!] The green cannolis sold so well that Buddy wants to sell them every year... so Joey's attempt at making him mad didn't work.

Kate Plus Eight "Australia Zoo Visit" (S02E03):  The zoo is run by the Irwin family. They watch the Irwin son catch a water lizard, then they see a crocodile show. They were able to pet kangaroos. A leech sucked onto Aaden and Kate couldn't get it off so she called for help. They got it off and he was fine. Then, it was time to see the tigers and meet Bindi, the Irwin daughter. Apparently, tigers like milk. Kate got to pet a tiger, and that made her happy. [majestical is not a word, Kate.] Kate had tiger fur on her hand, and she showed it to the kids. Kate wiped it onto a paper towel and saved it in a ziploc bag, which the kids thought was weird. Then, they did a petting zoo of sorts ("Animal Extravaganza"), but with animals much cooler than what we have in the US, LoL. Kate hugs a koala, and she's so happy it makes her cry. Some of the other kids hold them, too. Everyone holds an animal and they get a picture taken. 90 koalas a month get brought into the hospital because they get hit by cars and stuff. So, they all go back to the zoo the next day. First, the komodo dragon, which Kate isn't keen on petting. Then, they make animal food and watch an echidna eat. Then, elephants and grooming them. After that, Kate wanted to feed a crocodile, to face her fear of them. Aaden was really relieved that Kate was alive after being near the crocodile. [awwww, how cute!] Then, they fed and scrubbed a tortoise. Onward to the animal hospital, where Kate held a fabric pouch that had a baby koala. They got to watch the baby go back inside its mother's pouch, then they got matching zoo shirts and left. Next week: New Zealand.

Teen Mom 2 "Unseen Moments" (S01E14):  
Jenelle: her friend Amber got her sillybands [I'm tired of those darn things!] She tells her friend about how she wants more than sex. [this is before Kieffer] She and Kieffer go to a food pantry to get their food. Turns out, her mom was just like her when she was young: a party girl. we see her car break down.
Kailyn: she had several problems living with her mom. Jo raps. [he's good on-beat] 
Chelsea: she and Adam adopted a cat from an animal shelter. She gets her wisdom teeth out and had a hard time talking to Adam when he was caring for her. 
Leah: we see her ask her sister to be her maid of honor. She takes Corey to get a pedicure.

Pregnant in Heels (S01E02): "Bedroom Blues"   LT wants to leave early for a band gig.  Hanna is the other assistant. Rosie's husband has to provide the sperm for the treatment [why do they have artsy US flags framed on the wall?]
Mummy IQ test questions today: look at different colors of poop and see if you know what's going on (blood in stool, meconium). Have you decided if you'll circumcise? Do you know how to care for a circumcision? Have you baby-proofed the apartment?
Client 1: Tanya, type-A, second pregnancy, wants to look good for the camera post-delivery. Husband is Romit... they live in Chelsea, in a multi-million-dollar place. She has tons of shoes. She doesn't know much about circumcisions, and didn't really baby-proof the apartment for her toddler.. claims the kid is "very cautious" ... so she leaves bottom cabinets unlocked, full of glasses. Tanya is having a big pre-baby bash, but it's not well-planned. Rosie is concerned about the last-minuteness. She interviews people to be a personal assistant. [ducks, chickens, turtles at a circus?? weird responses! I also feel like maybe Rosie should have pre-screened these people before talking to them with Tanya. It also really sounds like everything still has to be done three days before the event.] Tanya wants an update every hour, but Rosie talks her down to every three hours. She actually ends up calling like every thirty minutes, which really overwhelmed her assistant. He is failing in finding entertainment, and didn't tell anyone that he was having trouble. Part of the cake fell apart, too.... but Rosie was able to make it look good. She also had to get LT's group to perform at the last minute. [I was shocked and confused by their tops. I'm also shocked in general that people have professional photos taken that soon after giving birth]
Client 2: Ali, pregnant with #1, having intimacy issues with her husband (Adam). Married 5.5 years, make custom jewelry. Having a girl. Knows about baby poop. Rosie asks Ali to put a camera in the bedroom so she can see how they interact. Rosie brings in a helper to talk about sex with the couple... Adam doesn't want to talk about it much, and Ali is okay with it until the woman brings out sex implements, and suggests that Ali explore. She's not comfortable with that, and Rosie feels the need to re-approach it all. Rosie meets Adam for golf (at a driving range) to try and get him to be comfortable in talking to her. Turns out, he's pretty traditional in thinking that the man works and the woman does childcare. Rosie has him put on a pregnancy suit, and she has him try a few golf swings while wearing it. Then, she has him get into a couple sex positions on the ground. Then she takes Ali to get some lingerie. They then go on a mini babymoon, and apparently everything in combination helped. They take a cab to the hospital, and Ali is very quiet and focused in labor. [I don't get it.. did Rosie just go to help them hail a cab?] They name the baby Olivia Giselle. [I'm not in love with it, but it's not my kid's name!]

Wipeout (S04E12): "Spring Wipeout: The Wizard of Owws"  Wipeout Qualifier today is bowled over, where giant balls fall onto you, then the spring-a-vator, the big balls, the spring-fling (the swinging platform), and the Wipeout Kitchen, where you go through holes and over bouncing pedestals. We start with a 19-year-old girl who has "being on Wipeout" on her bucket list. The "bowled over" has beams that wing out and hit you. [hahaha] There's a girl who is really into cheeseballs... [so weird! The guy who "lived with the Golden Girls" had a funny fall on the spring-fling. The contestant who looked like Mr. T was also amusing] Then, it's on to Round 2, where the Scare-ousel has contestants start out on a platform, ride danglers from the red track to the yellow track, avoiding sweepers and landing in the right places along the way. Round 3 featured an Arabian Nights theme. Dizzy Dummy to the springboard to rotating platform to the bouncing pedestal to the crankshaft, knee-sweeper, and spinning platform before the end platform. On to the WipeoutZone... springshot (goes up to 35 mph) to be launched into the water, get through the over-and-out (rotating roadblocks), then pointbreak, a climb up a ladder and a timed slide down a rotating slide. Last, the coin toss, where you run across spinning round blocks. First is CrushingCowboy, who was doing great on over-and-out until he missed the last jump, forcing him to do both again. [the 500-gallon dump didn't look bad tonight] He slid WAY early, missing the platform completely. He makes it on the second try. He takes a new approach to the coin toss, more or less clinging to the blocks. Finishes with 11:58. GoldenGirl is next...he does great through the over-and-out, and though he timed the slide well, he slid off the side instead of going all the way to the bottom. [LoL. it always makes me laugh when that happens] He makes it on the second try, and slips almost immediately on the coin toss. He handles them well on the second go-round, finishing with 10:16. Last, we have BucketList. She misses the first part of the over-and-out completely, and on the second try, just blitzes through. She slides of the side of pointbreak, then makes it on the second try. Falls off the coin toss on the first try, but has plenty of time to go again. She makes it with 5:44!  

[season finale May 19, but will be back June 16th... and looks like it'll be moving to Tuesdays starting June 21st]
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Off season/Coming Up:
16 and Pregnant (Tuesday, April 19th at 10pm)
The Unpoppables (we saw six episodes of the first season, now the show is MIA)
Outrageous Kid Parties (we saw four episodes of the first season, now the show is MIA)
Teen Mom (no idea)
19 Kids and Counting (we'll pick up with Season 6, Episode 13 at some point) 
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