Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More FOX Renewals; Charlie Sheen on Entourage?

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

There will be a Glee 3D movie.

Negotiations didn't work out, so Katie Couric won't have her own CBS talk show.

Ted Nugent will be running for President next year... on The Simpsons.

Teen Mom got renewed for a 4th season... and, bonus.... season 3 will begin July 5th.

House faced a lot of potential issues in getting renewed, like the licensing fees, but it ultimately was renewed. However, the actors who play Foreman and Cuddy likely took a pay cut.

Some people think that maybe Netflix will come in and pick-up Lie to Me, which still hasn't been cancelled or renewed.

As we reported earlier this week, Jerry Seinfeld can't stand to watch Seinfeld.

Charlie Sheen wants to do a show on another network, since things aren't working out well over at CBS. Entourage wants him for their final season.

Bristol Palin will get a reality show on BIO.

I've been enjoying the new show, Pregnant in Heels. Crazy things like this are fun for me. Parodies are even starting to develop.

Family Guy and The Cleveland Show both got renewed.

MTV UK is going to have Geordie Shore, a British adaptation of Jersey Shore. Read this in Entertainment Weekly, and I must share their commentary with you! "Finally, a version of Jersey Shore in which people speak English!" hahahaha.
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