Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Farrah in AZ; Catelynn's Dad; Maci & School; Amber's Sad

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Teen Mom "As Long as We're Together" (S03E09): It's almost Christmas for Amber but Maci already has Christmas gifts. Farrah's family decorates a gingerbread house. Tyler still has two weeks until his college classes begin.

Amber: she decorates her house with Clinton. Gary is potty-training Leah. Gary sends Amber five dozen roses from a "secret admirer." He says that he bought them because he knows Clinton couldn't do something like that. [and since when can Gary??] Amber wants Leah more often. [looks like she'll be getting her at least three days a week now.] Apparently Amber had a sister who died of SIDS fifteen years ago and she always gets upset around this time of the year. Gary puts up a tree with Leah, which upsets Amber... thought she does go and finish with them.

Maci: Maci and Kyle play Toy Story with Bentley - they're all dressed up. [that was so cute! Even if Kyle hardly had his Buzz costume on.] Ryan offers Kyle a job. [though we haven't actually seen Ryan in a few episodes now, AND it's not mentioned whether or not Kyle takes it. I am a little suspicious about Ryan friending Kyle on Facebook.] Maci is thinking about not taking classes in spring, so he asks her mom for advice. Maci just feels like she's missing out on spending time with Bentley. She asks her adviser as well, who tells her to stop being lazy, more or less. [just get it done, Maci!]

Farrah: Farrah tells her parents that she wants to look at places in Arizona and invites them to go with her. Her mom wants to move too if Farrah does, but complains that now isn't a good time. [her mom is one of the most annoying people EVER.] Her mom is most concerned about childcare for Sophia. [that's actually somewhat reasonable.] Farrah's mom also talks about unemployment, crime, gangs, and immigration issues in Arizona. [I'm under the impression that her parents don't travel much, given the issues they have at the airport.] They go to a train museum so Sophia can have some fun. Then, Farrah's mom wants to go hiking, but Farrah is set on looking at some possible dwellings. Farrah is making it quite clear that there are only certain areas that she's interested in, but her parents are more interested in seeing fancy places. When Farrah does get to go see what she wants, her parents just keep telling her that the area is bad, there are gangs, her car will get stripped, and all sorts of bad stuff. [this is just ridiculous.] The house doesn't turn out to be great, either. Farrah wants the entire family to go to counseling. 

Catelynn: They move again since they found a larger place that's cheaper. [her braces are really weird.] Her dad calls her and says that he'll be in Michigan for the weekend so they make plans to get together. Her dad is pretty friendly and gets along with both her and Tyler. [really, a whole lot of nothing went on for Catelynn this episode.]
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