Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Graduation Time!

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

The Secret Life of the American Teenager "Pomp" (S04E12): More or less, this entire episode is about the kids talking about graduation and the big (overnight) party that Jesse is hosting at his parents' lake house, 50 miles away. Oh, and the Ricky-Amy proposal is looming.

Lauren's dad tells her that she can't go because he thinks there will be drinking, sex, and illegal activities. Madison's dad tells her she can't go since it's too far away in case something goes wrong. Kathleen might not let Grace go. Tom asks Jack to take him to the party. [why?] Amy wants to go but Ricky doesn't want to. [is it just me or is Ricky's hair getting higher?] Madison calls Amy and asks her to get Ricky to go to the party, since Madison is upset that Adrian is going. [why does that bother her?] Ricky says Amy can go to the party if she wants, but he still doesn't want to go.

Ricky: He's the valedictorian but he doesn't want give a speech. Ricky tells Bunny about the valedictory speech, and then she guesses that he's going to ask Amy to marry him. [Ricky tells Bunny that she's the first person he's told about his marriage plans, but he technically told John first.] Ricky then tells Amy that he's valedictorian and she's happy for him. Ricky tells Margaret about being valedictorian, then she guesses about the upcoming proposal.

Ben, Alice, and Henry: Alice and Henry try to "share custody" of Ben, but Ben immediately confronts Henry about the "visitation schedule." it doesn't last long, as Alice and Henry decide that they can never be friends, and that neither of them should be friends with Ben. [wow. Poor Ben is getting shortchanged left and right! He's definitely going to start drinking now!]

Leo: Camille calls Leo's office and asks him (through leaving a message with Nora) for drinks. He picks up Camille and helps her with the bracelet he sent her. They kiss a little and Leo tells her that the divorce is in the process. [I'm so happy this is coming together. Though who seriously waits for 25 YEARS?!?!]

Adrian & Grace: Grace confronts Adrian about going after Dante's brother, Omar. Omar shows up at Adrian's and tells her that she needs to stop pining for Ricky if she wants him. Adrian tells Grace that she HAS to kiss Ricky to compare it to Omar. Adrian also tells Ricky that she loves him and that she WILL have sex with him again someday. [this crazy fool.] Adrian is allowed to walk at graduation [though she forgets Katelin's last name is O'Malley and calls her "McGillicuddy" instead. strange.] 

Jack: Jack tells Katelin that he wants Grace back. This is a history of which Katelin is unaware, but after Jack fills her in, she asks him to say the prayer at graduation. [whoa. this is still a public school, right??]

And the other adults? George tells Ricky that he thinks Anne likes Nora. [just shaking my head here.] Nora tells George that Ricky's valedictorian, and he's surprised. Nora figures out that Ricky's going to ask Amy to marry him and tells George. Betty's mom died and Leo lets her use the corporate jet. At the airport, Betty meets a divorce attorney. [I'm going to be sad if Betty decides to go after Leo's money.] Kathleen is considering visiting Kenya to see Jeff. [this just isn't going to last. And, speaking of which, what's going on with Ruben these days?]

In a random note, Lauren's brother isn't walking since he is registering for summer classes early. [Not sure why they made this clear, though I applaud the notion that they need to remember the million characters they have on this show!]   
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