Saturday, August 6, 2011

Obsessions on Hot in Cleveland & Friendships on Happily Divorced

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Hot in Cleveland  "Arch Enemies" (S02E18):  [totally threw me off that the episode didn't start at the house this time!] Victoria falls for several pranks on the air, this time believing that she could smell and taste what's on the screen of a tablet using a new app. [haha. probably a generational thing... I remember those links that used to claim they could take your photo through the monitor, but when you clicked the button, a monkey just started laughing at you.] Elka Skypes the ladies from Europe, [...why is she in Europe?] and makes a joke at Victoria's expense, asking her to lick the croissant that Elka held up to the screen. [haha!] Melanie dates a shoe guy, who photographs her size-6.5 feet. Victoria and Joy tell her that guys like that are called "shrimpers," because toes look like baby shrimp. [what?!? freaky.] He then gives Melanie a toe ring, causing those around them in the restaurant to think they got engaged! [hahaha. As someone who got engaged in a restaurant with a crowd clapping, that would've been really awkward if it wasn't the case!] The guy who is pranking Victoria falls for Joy, who is planning to string him along and break his heart, but she starts to like him, too. [yeah... pretty standard story here... aka borrrrring!] Joy ends up not breaking up with him as Victoria planned, and Victoria plans to get back at him some other way... Melanie's man wants her to role play with her feet... and it starts to tax her. [good. I was afraid this was about to get really weird...] Joy, now in a potentially "real" relationship, begins to get nervous and jealous, and ends up falling for a prank Victoria had set up for Colin. The episode ends with Joy plotting some more. [not a great episode. perhaps because Betty White was only in fifteen seconds of it...]

Happily Divorced "A Kiss is Just a Kiss" (S01E08): Fran and Judi (which is, apparently, spelled with an "i") are at a concert and they meet a guy. Both give him numbers. This [obviously] segues into the girls wondering which David likes, and he calls Judi. Fran feigns excitement for her friend, but it doesn't take long before David kisses Fran on the lips while at her house. Fran tells Judi the next day, and Judi assumes that Fran is just making it up to ruin things. [you know, since we all like to thrown a wrench into who's asking who to the eighth-grade-dance....] Fran tries to make Cesar a girlfriend, but he's not thrilled about it. Peter tells Fran to make up with Judi, since she doesn't have very many female friends.
Fran heads to her mother for advice, and gets to see one of her mother's oldest friends (aka Renee Taylor, who played Fran's mother, Sylvia, on The Nanny). Peter is trying to hook up with a guy at the bar but Fran interrupts, wanting help to fix her fight with Judi. It takes a minute and then they're BFFs again. [what was with Judi's gigantic necklace??] Judi then catches David kissing ANOTHER girl, and Peter tells Judi and Fran that the girl is really a guy. [haha!] Peter gets left for another man, and the episode ends with the three of them snacking on the couch. [so I'll finish off this season, but might not go for the next one...]
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