Friday, August 5, 2011

Double Melissa & Joey... but QUADRUPLE State of Georgia!!

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Melissa & Joey
"The Mel Word" (S01E18):  Mel is putting together wedding favors for her cousin Emily's lesbian wedding. Mel tries to get Joe to bake the cake. Ryder is recording the preparations and Lennox wants to turn it into an expose on how society is homophobic. [this could get interesting.] We quickly learn that Mel and Emily have been in competition most of their lives. Bianca (Emily's fiance) hits on Joe, then Mel. [hmmm. this is beyond strange...] Meanwhile, Lennox interviews Emily, who says that she gets a lot of support in her relationship... even from their church. This shocks Lennox, who was hoping for tears and tales of heartbreak. Mel tells Emily about the encounters she and Joe had with Bianca, but Emily thinks Mel is just trying to get her to call it off because Emily is getting married first. [I'm all for family rivalry and all, but what's the big deal about getting married first??] Joe suggests Mel use a hidden camera to catch Bianca in the act. [of course. this is a sitcom. there's no other way, haha!] Meanwhile, Lennox is surprised that nobody at the wedding is a bigot. [um, the bigots wouldn't attend, LoL!] The closest she finds is the caterer, who decides to drive off before delivering the food! Joe dolls himself up to entice Bianca, and is being too obvious, but it doesn't matter because he's quickly shooed from the room. Mel gives it a try [with a really cheesy line] but also fails. [I loved watching Mel and Joe respectively watch the other try to seduce Bianca!] As Mel is confessing to Emily about her sneaky acts, they see both the hair guy and the makeup girl upstairs with Bianca, via the hidden camera. This [of course] ends the wedding. [final note - the cake looked great!]

Melissa & Joey "Auction Hero" (S01E19):  Everyone is working to raise money and goods for Haiti. [um, that was so last year!] Mel wants to do more with the kids, so she fills in for Joe at a Boosters meeting, where they discuss what people are donating for an auction. Mel donates an evening with Joe, who isn't thrilled when he hears. [which makes sense... she doesn't "own" him!] Lennox is trying to write a novel in 10 days to raise her grade. [who assigns extra credit options like "write a novel" ??!?] At the auction, Mel really tries hard to sell Joe, ultimately raising $1,000! Joe is nervous, as the woman who "bought" him has four young kids. When he arrives, the woman reveals that she wants him to cook her dinner and "see where the night takes them." Lennox tries notecards to organize her thoughts, but her room is soon filled with sheets of paper and colored notes, so Ryder coaches her and helps make sense of some things. Joe called Mel in a panic, and Mel shows up, where she counters with a higher bid on Joe... which quickly escalates to $2,000, and Mel takes Joe. [who, as he points out, already works for Mel, so this was not the brightest move.] Lennox finishes her novel. Joe reveals that he has a master calendar for the household, and he even tracks Mel's menstrual cycle. [seriously??] Lennox's novel gets a good grade. [A for effort, sure. but I didn't understand Lennox "forgetting" that she left post-its in there. That made no sense.]

State of Georgia  "R-E-S-P-E-C-T" (S01E06):  Georgia and Jo are out to eat and the guy that Georgia auditioned for in the first episode is back. He doesn't remember her. [I didn't expect him to, though Georgia certainly did!] He tells her to make work for herself. [good idea, really.] The guy does remember Jo, though, since her hair stands out! Honey is upset at a swag bag she received and gives it to the girls. Georgia tells Jo to try a Brazilian blow-out, as there was a gift certificate for one in the bag. Honey jokes about the fact that there's thousands of dollars under the cushions. [I do miss that. We have a futon at the moment, which means no cushions for change to hide under!] Contrary to the episodes where the girls want to make their own way, Georgia willingly accepts a check from Honey to finance a theater for her showcase. Honey starts making some suggestions, but it gets out of control quickly. [I feel like Georgia should have seen that coming!] Jo starts getting obsessed about her hair. [well, it was going to go one way or the other!] The casting guy offers Jo a shampoo commercial. The physics guys show up and offer to do all kinds of things for Jo. Jo really begins to understand how the world is better for pretty people. [let's not lie. sometimes I feel really bad for the unfortunate-looking... how do they get anywhere??] Georgia then starts singing "RESPECT" in rehearsal, but Honey upstages her. Jo will no longer go out in humidity or rain because of what will happen to her hair. She goes to the showcase and wrecks her hair anyway. Honey goes, too, and apologizes. [blah blah blah.]

State of Georgia "Mo' Honey, Mo' Problems" (S01E07): Jo and Georgia are watching television with a fern. [...I don't get it.] Honey is having her apartment painted so she comes to take over both Georgia and Jo's rooms. Honey believes that plants steal oxygen from humans, so no houseplants! [the p0rn vs. PWORN (Poor Women's Outreach Resource Network) jokes got old fast.] Georgia and Jo snoop through Honey's stuff and find a bank statement that only has 42 cents showing in an account. Georgia then takes a call from a collection agency, plus they hear Honey talking on the phone about foreclosure, so [clearly] the girls jump to conclusions. Honey tells Georgia to mind her own business. [agreed.] A delivery comes and Georgia takes it, finding it to be a vase insured for $60,000, so she and Jo try to return it, but that's not an option. While Georgia and Jo are gone, Honey reveals that she's moved all of her money to an account in Barbados to avoid taxation. Honey's shade of green paint has been discontinued, so she chooses a red hue instead. Georgia and Jo return just in time to hear Honey talk about selling her furniture to live "in the red," and Georgia panics some more. She volunteers to plan the PWORN event and doesn't plan to use the vendors Honey prefers, deciding they're "overpriced." The party is really cheaply done, which is noticed by everyone. [well yeah. paper cups and coats on the banisters?!?] Georgia is even trying to sell the furniture! Honey arrives and isn't happy about what Georgia's doing. [no crap!] Minutes later, Georgia throws an intervention, telling everyone that Honey has a problem. Honey quickly jumps in and sets the record straight (in the process breaking the vase to prove money doesn't matter to her), and later says that the collection agency calls about the Smithsonian magazine that she's been receiving for 12 years but never signed up for. It also seems that Honey doesn't pay for cable. [strange way to wrap up an episode... I though.]

State of Georgia  "There's a Place for Us" (S01E08): Georgia and Jo are eating Ramen, as they are paying their way for things like food, since they are living rent-free. Jo believes that lobsters' tails grow back. [strange, and dumb, but I buy it. I lie to myself sometimes to make things easier.] Georgia wants to hit the 1104, "the hottest club in New York." But, it's in a secret location. Jo finds her study carrel for the next five years... turns out, her carrel is near a crazy air vent. Out looking for the club, the ladies stop in a bar, where Georgia gets a water and Jo orders a single chicken wing for a dime. [now THAT'S college living! too bad Georgia isn't really a student.] They get a lead on the location of the club, and Jo even takes the bones with her, so she can make soup. [ridiculous. but okay.] The location ends up being a dry cleaners, but the girls don't know how to get in. Georgia has programmed herself into Jo's phone as Mom, Dad, Emergency, and Grandma's Nursing Home, so Jo will always answer. [I found it hilarious for a split-second, then pretty sucky.] Jo hacks into the club's twitter to find out the nightly passwords. [yay, let's use technology. boo, let's date the show!] Georgia comes back the next night with the password, but the dry cleaner sends them on a hunt for a framed photo first, which is located at the bar the girls found the other night. Georgia distracts the bartender by stealing a bottle of peach schnapps, then ordering a fuzzy navel, causing the bartender to go to the back so she can steal the picture from behind the bar. But, they need more time, so Georgia steals the cherries to make the bartender go back for more cherries. They get the picture down, and run back for the wings (they also had to pick up a dozen of those), but Jo wants to leave a tip and ends up getting them caught. [why is Jo carrying around travelers checks??] The bartender gets this all the time and sells copies of the picture for $10. [LoL! love it.] Honey shows up and tells them to be happy about where they are. Georgia goes to Jo's study carrel to experience the "hurricane," and tells Jo to just move to another desk, even if she's not supposed to. [this show is almost painful sometimes...]

State of Georgia  "Foot in the Door" (S01E09)  There's a television show filming at the girls' bar, and Honey makes a call to get Georgia on the show. The show is called Due Process, which Georgia claimed to already be on previously, as a foot. Honey is also trying to get the condo board to approve of an additional four shower heads being installed (she already has two). [who in the world needs SIX shower heads??] Jo questions the excess, and Honey just says that she's rich... she has six cars. [couldn't get past the hideousness of Georgia's coral top and light blue pants.] Georgia isn't thrilled that she's only an extra. [and I feel like Jo is re-wearing shirts already. the show's not that old, but okay...] Georgia tries to take over the extras and tells them how to act... but that gets her fired. [I actually thought that was a hilarious two minutes!] Honey had to drain her koi pond (it's in her library!) so she's upset. Georgia goes back to talk to the director, and gets thrown out. Georgia shows up in the trailer of the star, who apparently is Georgia's idol. It goes sour in the end though, and Jo and Georgia get locked in the trailer. [I just sat there shaking my head. how do these things happen like this??] Georgia keeps trying to sneak on set, but it isn't working. [and her methods weren't impressive, either.] Georgia ends up getting knocked out on-set, and she pretends that Jo recorded the whole thing on her camera. [that was some quick thinking!] Georgia uses that as blackmail to get herself a role showing her foot on-screen. [so we're running them out of order, or at least the scripts have been changed around a bit... annoying!]
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