Friday, August 5, 2011

Senior Dance on Secret Life & Birthdays on Switched at Birth

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

The Secret Life of the American Teenager "Dancing with the Stars" (S04E08): Daniel spent the night in Grace's room. [I'm totally getting sick of everything Grace does!] Jack asks Grace to go with him to the senior dance, or at least set him up with someone. As expected, Adrian and Ben are going to go to the dance together. Amy wants Ricky to ask her, but he says he doesn't want to go. [ I expected.] Nora yells at a customer and Bunny confronts her, but Ricky steps in and finds out about her drinking the other night. Leo asked Nora to go back to the butcher shop rather than the office, as there's too much sensitive information in there. Ricky wants Nora to go back to AA, and says it's her last chance to be involved in her life. [I love it when people stand up to their irresponsible parents!] Leo goes to Ben's, asking what happened at dinner the other night. Leo tells Ben that he worries Ben may develop a drinking problem... turns out, Ben's mom was an alcoholic, and so were both of her parents. [awwww, sad. but nice touch making sure they demonstrate the hereditary factor!] After her parents died in a car accident caused by her drunk father, Ben's mom quit drinking, but she still struggled. On the other side of town, Milton is coming over to meet Rachel's children... but shows up dressed like a clown and accidentally scares them. [lmao. love it when people try too hard and it backfires!] Amy loses her voice screaming when Ruben walks into the kitchen in his underwear. [um. I'm feeling they wrote this is or something because the actress had a scratchy voice... but maaaaybe not.] Looks like he's been staying over a lot lately... he and Cindy are having problems. [oh good. just when we stop showing too much Anne & George, and Kathleen is practically single, and Betty hardly has lines anymore, they give Ruben and Cindy more time. annoying!] Adrian lets it slip to Amy that she wants another baby with Ben, but covers quickly by adding "someday." Daniel asks Kathleen if Grace can spend the night at his place... Kathleen says it's up to them. [omg, Kathleen. would it kill you to parent every now and then??] Amy calls Grace and tells her what Adrian said, and Grace admits that she knows Adrian wants another baby. Grace suggests Amy ask Ricky to talk to Ben about it. Nora partially blames Ben for the other night. Bunny asks Ben to talk to Nora, then tells Ricky that Ben's mom was an alcoholic. Ricky tells Amy that Nora fell off the wagon. Amy tells Ricky about Adrian, and Ricky believes that Ben won't make the same mistake again. [I'm a little skeptical...] Milton teaches the kids poker. [of course. how else would he win them over? surely Old Maid or Go Fish wouldn't do...] Daniel and Grace touch on the topic of marriage. [well this is out of left field! what's the deal??] Nora had some beer. Ben tells Nora about his family history of alcoholism. Leo tells Ricky that he'll have to let his mom go since she isn't sober. Ricky tells Leo about Adrian's pregnancy desire. [oh, good. let's bring the parents into the kids' problems. again.] Jack is getting desperate... he even asks Kathleen to go to the dance with him. [...what? I've never understood people who want to go to dances with those 20 years their senior...] At the condo, Adrian is in lingerie with candles lit. [yay, I'm starting to loathe her again...] Amy is still bugging Ricky about going to the dance. [why are they marketing it as the "senior dance" and not "senior prom"??] Ricky does take Amy, with Lauren babysitting John. Jack is there with Grace... but Daniel is there, too. [awkward to the max...] Adrian wants Ben to sleep with her "for old times' sake." [who wears a dress to babysit?] Jesse goes to see Lauren at Ricky's. [mixed opinions on this...] The episode ends with Nora at an AA meeting.    

Switched at Birth 
"Paradise Lost" (S01E09):
  Daphne dreams that she's living Bay's life and that Bay is living hers... but in hers, Regina is married, and she makes out with Emmett. [strange dream!] Regina's been at Melody's for 48 hours now, and Melody tells her to go back home. The girls' birthday is coming up, and Kathryn asks Daphne how she wants to celebrate. Bay thinks that she and Daphne should both get cars. [what a tricky situation... good thing the family's loaded so it's not actually an issue...] Regina returns and Daphne confronts her. Adrianna is upset that Regina didn't tell her the truth all those years, and had assumed that Regina had cheated on Angelo, resulting in a child with Daphne's appearance. John and Kathryn talk to their lawyer about getting custody of Daphne. John is given the name-sign for "hard-@$$" with a J. [haha. I like how it was brought up, though. and it's nice that all of the hearing characters are
getting better at signing. Except Toby, maybe.] Bay tells Emmett about her graffiti, and she wants his help in putting an image on a billboard. Daphne wants to move in with John and Kathryn. Bay is at Emmett's when Melody comes home, and though she can't follow everything Melody signs, she does try to reason out what's going with a few words here and there. Later, Emmett tells Melody that he wants to sign up for speech therapy, and Melody questions his motives. She mentions that 85% of deal/hearing relationships don't work out, and that relationships are already hard enough. Emmett mentions that Bay's signing is getting better every day, and that the only way to find out if it'll work is to try. [I really enjoyed the scene between Emmett and Melody... though I can't help but think that Emmett didn't take too long to go from being anti mixed relationships in this situation to being in one... ] Regina tells Bay that she talked to her once, when she was 7. She helped Bay get a drink of water at a piano recital. Kathryn tells Regina that Bay and Daphne don't want Regina there for their birthday celebration. John called the schools and said the girls were sick, and John and Kathryn take them car shopping. [why couldn't they have done this on a weekend? I can't believe how many parents let their children miss school for these types of things...] Bay wants a Volkswagen Thing, which is an old convertible army-type vehicle. Daphne isn't sure she wants a car. Bay jokes that Daphne will save the parents a bundle on the audio package. [hahahahahhahahaha!] Regina freaks when she sees the cars. Bay wants to tell Daphne about her relationship with Emmett. Bay and Emmett go to do the billboard, but as they're climbing up to it, a cop shows up and they make a run for it, hurting themselves on some barbed wire. Bay blames her bandaged hand on a rose bush, and Emmett says he fell on a sprinkler playing football at a friend's place. When Melody and Emmett arrive the next day at the party, Melody is immediately suspicious when she sees Bay has a bandaged hand (she had already discovered Emmett's injury). It becomes clear that what Melody is really upset about is Emmett's desire for speech therapy. Regina shows up, saying that she never missed any of Daphne's birthdays and doesn't want to miss any more of Bay's. John starts to throw her out but Bay stands up for Regina. [no grandparents or anything at this shindig?] Emmett gets Bay a scarf, and Daphne an autographed poster and movie of Deafenstein (Frankenstein told in ASL). Emmett got the autograph six months ago, and traveled 150 miles to get it. In private, Emmett blindfolds Bay with the scarf and shows her the billboard he did for her. [and when did he find time to do this?] Then he apologizes for not telling Daphne about them yet. [that Emmett is the sweetest boy ever. I adore him.] Regina gives Daphne a recipe book and some takeout menus. [yeah... bad gift indeed. thought at first I thought that was going to lead into "I'm leaving. you stay and here's some stuff to help you."] Daphne tells her that she wants to forgive her but she just keeps getting mad about the secret being kept from her for so long. [well, that is a mighty good reason to be pissed!] Emmett signed Bay's card "from" and Daphne's card "love." [this was one of my favorite parts of the episode... so telling!] Moments later, Daphne tells Bay that she loves the fact that Emmett is always there for her... and the episode closes with Daphne saying that she likes Emmett, and Bay doesn't know what to say. [...and neither do I!]
[summer finale next week, and the next season will be 22 episodes.]
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