Friday, August 5, 2011

This Week: Falling Skies & Futurama

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Falling Skies "What Hides Beneath" (S01E08): Weaver has a dream about a memory of his old life. Ben has been jumping rope for 2 hours and 40 minutes, but lies to Hal about how long he'd been out there. [Ben's odd behaviors are starting to concern me... ] Weaver is spacing out and popping pills. In four days, the fighters are planning to attack the skitters. Pope is apparently a demolition expert of sorts, and knows about the chemical makeup of bombs. [somehow I'm not entirely convinced that this is good news...] Rick draws townhouses and skitters. Weaver questions what made him draw those specific images, and he gives the row of houses sketch to Weaver (which Weaver carries around). Weaver had a construction business after being in the service. Glass checks out Ben's back, and he's missing a lot of feeling. [uh oh...] Some of the kids have no more spikes, but Ben and Rick still do. Ben is concerned for Rick, and Glass says that the kid hardly talks about his father or his death. Meanwhile, Weaver, Hal, and Tom are out scouting and see a new type of creature - a taller, humanoid alien. [I knew this was coming because of what I saw at Comic-Con, but I was still taken aback by yet another creature!] They also come across a woman who has been hiding out on her own, Sonya. Weaver decides to stand guard while the other two speak with her. Back at the lab, Pope explains some of the skitter weaponry to Matt. Ben confronts Rick and offers his ear... and Rick tells him that he believes he and Ben are lucky because the skitters love them and will return for them. [yikes! so much is going to happen next week!] It freaks out Ben. [...and me.] Sonya serves tea to Hal and Tom, and says that the harnessed kids spoke to her (she was in a camp for a while but was let go). Before the guys could learn more, Weaver takes off on a motorcycle and pulls the spark plugs from the other bikes. Hal and Tom go after him, telling Sonya they'll be back. Glass and Lourdes perform an autopsy on a skitter and find a harness deep inside... implying that the skitters might have been other things before they themselves were harnessed. [well this took me completely by surprise! I'm now dying to know how they're going to do further research into this...!!] Back in the field, Tom and Hal find Weaver's bike, and Tom sends Hal to head back with the reconnaissance information while he talks to Weaver. Weaver is drinking in the same backyard we saw him dream about earlier... turns out it's his old home. Weaver tells Tom that he and his wife had split up a year before the attack. Weaver is concerned that the skitters can read minds and had Rick draw the sketch to mess with Weaver. Weaver tells Tom that when the bombs dropped, he came to the house - one daughter was harnessed, another hid with his wife, and the wife's fiance was badly wounded. He searched for a while, but never found the wife and daughter. He then went after the harnessed daughter, found her and took her home. He tried to remove the harness, but "the spikes went too deep," and it is implied that Weaver accidentally killed her. [awww. I can't believe how much about Weaver's character we're getting all at once! I had assumed we'd have to wait until the second season to learn some of these insights!] Weaver tells Tom he wants to quit, but finding a pair of his wife's glasses rekindles his determination, as they weren't there immediately after the attack - meaning she must have come back at some point and might still be alive, along with his oldest daughter. They all head back to Sonya's, where Karen and a humanoid alien come to the door with food. It seems that Sonya keeps them updated on when she sees other humans. Weaver confronts her about it, and they find out that she gives up humans because she's told that she'll have company... but all she gets is tea. [poor woman. she must be SO lonely. :(] Tom wants to bring her with them, but Weaver doesn't think they should move her. Tom offers, then tells her they're heading north to Gloucester, to throw off the aliens when she inevitably shares the information. Meanwhile, Lourdes is concerned about keeping the information from the autopsy a secret... Glass admits that she must tell Tom.  Pope demonstrates a new bullet that will take down the mechs a lot faster... as soon as he sees it, Rick runs off, seen by Ben. [Rick is not making me happy. While I do appreciate the acting, I'm not in love with the character.]   
[next Sunday is a 2-hour season finale!]

Futurama "Mobius Dick" (S06E21):  [I question the timing of the airing of this. Encore's Moby Dick miniseries aired last week. And if you look at the production schedule, this was originally supposed to air much earlier. hmmm...] It's been 50 years since the Professor's first delivery crew disappeared. [haha on imagining Zoidberg with hair.] Weeks went by and only Zoidberg returned, but he wouldn't talk about what happened. [haha... Bermuda Tetrahedron!] Leela demands a new statue when she spots a grammatical error (it's instead of its), and it is implied that they're using elephant tusks for ivory to carve the statues! [delighted at the grammatical pick, horrified at the ivory implication!] In order to make it back for the memorial service, the crew flies through the Bermuda Tetrahedron... they see other spaceships, including the original Planet Express ship. They go to investigate [guess they're not in a hurry after all?] and see a giant killer spacewhale. [yeah... and I expected some Twitter jokes afterward, but caught not a one!] The whale eats the old ship as the crew spacewalks back to theirs. Then, they take off with the whale in hot pursuit... but it turns out, the whale is four-dimensional. [eye roll] The whale eats the monument soLeela wants to avenge the loss. The others think that Leela has gone crazy ["like FOXNews" haha. though I enjoyed Bender's line, "things look bad enough without having to look closer at them," regarding being the lookout in the crow's nest.] Leela gives Amy the task of harpooning the spacewhale, and the crew ends up going into the 4th dimension with the whale. [too predictable...] They aren't there long, but Bender ends up being thrown overboard and they have to cut the whale free. The whale eats everyone else as Leela repeatedly stabs it with a knife... until it eats her, too. [not thrilled with where this is going...] Zoidberg is floating along in a rescue capsule while this is going on... he makes it back to the Professor, and says he remembers nothing. In the belly of the whale, Bender is back with the others, and Leela still wants the whale to die. The Captain of the first Planet Express ship is embedded in the whale's bowels and explains to Leela that the whale feeds on obsession. [oh. now it's starting to come together...] At the memorial, Amy's mom talks of the days of "joy" and "luck" being gone, so she'll have to quit "that club." [LoL!!] The spacewhale shows up, and Leela comes out of its mouth, explaining her obsession. The whale spouts out the statue, then the first Captain comes out, then both the members of the original crew and the current crew. The episode ends with an original crew member hitting on Zoidberg while everyone else rallies like a mob toward the whale. [strange episode. very strange.
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