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“The Invincible Iron Man Part II: Reborn”

Iron Man: Armored Adventures “The Invincible Iron Man Part II: Reborn” (S02E02)
by Christopher Scott

This episode picks up right from the hospital where we left Tony after his beating from Whiplash. He has a very dramatic heart attack there and just before the doctors are going to apply a defibrillator to him, Dr. Yinsen shows up to stop them from causing more damage. He takes over Tony’s care, and the scene changes.

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Mr. Fix has Stane in bondage as he listens to Whiplash recount the tale of Iron Man’s demise. The mysterious figure is looming on the screen again, upset that the armor could not be spared during the battle. Also, Mr. Fix has a new weapon for War Machine to kill the pilot of a suit of armor, but spare the suit itself so that they can get its specs. As Stane tries to escape on his own, Blizzard returns to lock him back up.

The Mandarin is showcased for a few moments again here. He and Howard Stark have made their way into the temple of the sixth Makluan Ring. It is being guarded by “The Melter,” which is some creepy-looking creature statue. Just as he goes to bring it to life to conquer it and gain the ring, we leave them again. (I’m not sure why they bothered to mention the creature’s name if they were going to ignore it completely.)

Back at the hospital, Tony is recovering when Hammer shows up. Again he mentions trying to buy Stark International. Tony fends off the sale, but realizes that with Stane gone, his company could be up for grabs to the highest bidder. In order to prevent that from happening, Tony breaks out of the hospital to save him.
It seems that Tony has new armor now too, which looks almost identical to the previous model (I guess I like the shoulder pads). He and Rhodey suit up to find Stane. They track the systems Mr. Fix uses to find his hideout. Upon arriving they take out some thugs quickly, and get to the real battle versus Whiplash, Mr. Fix, and Blizzard.

Another great fight scene begins where the animators show how much better they have gotten in the year and a half hiatus they had. Mr. Fix gets a shot off of his new weapon on Iron Man … which happens to be immune to it (figures). War Machine is not so lucky though. Pepper has to take remote control of the armor to save Rhodey from getting cooked alive. After some more explosions, Iron Man and War Machine emerge victorious and save Stane.

Loose ends are tied up here at the end. Mr. Fix flees from his hideout to find that the mysterious figure was Hammer all along. He injects Fix with a nanovirus, threatening to kill him if he doesn’t produce results in capturing the Iron Man specs. Also, the Mandarin has finished “The Melter” in what was a very uneventful battle I guess, seeing as how they left it out completely. So now he has 6 rings. (I hope they don’t do that for the next 4 rings too).

Christopher Scott is a contributor for the television blog TheTalkingBox. He spends much of his time watching TV intended for 8 year olds when not spending it with his family in Huntsville, AL.
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