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Iron Man: Armored Adventures “Into the Light”

Iron Man: Armored Adventures “Into the Light” (S02E03)   
by Christopher Scott

Mr. Fix begins the episode working on something for Hammer. There is a mirrored pyramid that he energizes to show the return of the Living Laser, Arthur Parks. In an accident trying to erase his memories, Fix separates the Laser into two. One seems to be the original; the other is an evil version. Both of them escape from the lab into the city.

Tony is heading to school discussing his heart with his friends. Apparently it is still a big concern. On a side story at school, Happy Hogan starts a prank war with Tony. It is amusing if nothing else.

There is a quick recap of the Living Laser encounter from Season 1 as Parks struggles to decide what to do. He remembers Tony helping him defeat AIM, so he decides to seek him out hoping to get help again. Meanwhile, Tony is soaring over the city and runs into the evil Laser. He barely makes it away alive because of his heart and heads back to the armory.

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Tony makes his state of mind known to his friends upon returning. He feels alone in fighting his enemies. His judgment is in question because Gene Kahn and Parks were both friends of his who seem to have turned on him. He is interrupted by the real Laser who comes asking for help. Tony is quick to turn his back on him because he does not believe the story that there might be two Lasers. Parks leaves, followed by Rhodey as War Machine. Pepper has a conversation with Tony that changes his perspective on helping Parks after they leave. He starts to work on solving the problem of the two Lasers.

War Machine and Parks are interrupted by the evil Laser who goads the original into fighting. With flashes of light and explosions, the two begin to destroy parts of the city as they clash. Mr. Fix is tracking both Laser energy signatures through the city. He has a conversation with Hammer, who is impatiently waiting to add the powers of the Living Laser to “Project Titanium” (though they don’t elaborate at any point as to what that is). He has outfitted the machine from the beginning to steal their power and when it is activated it traps both of them in orbs hovering above.

Iron Man appears at this point to interrupt the process. Using a modified form of the same harness that created the Living Laser originally, he combines both of the Lasers into one. Parks thanks Tony for his help and disappears. According to Rhodey, his is still alive, but is away embracing his new life.

Christopher Scott is a contributor for the television blog TheTalkingBox. He spends much of his time watching TV intended for 8 year olds when not spending it with his family in Huntsville, AL.
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