Tuesday, August 16, 2011

News Roundup: Cancellations, Renewals, Reboots, and More

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

They have indeed recast Lily on Modern Family. Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, age 4, will take over the role for the upcoming season. Her natural acting talent combined with how closely she resembles Jaden and Ella Hiller  should work out great! (Entertainment Weekly)

Kate Plus Eight got canceled. There may be a few specials done in the future, but we're at the end of regular episodes. The current season airing on TLC will finish - 4 episodes to go. After a two-year stint on late-night television, TBS has canceled Lopez Tonight. I don't know about you, but I'm pretty glad. In Plain Sight will be canceled after its 8-episode fifth season. Breaking Bad only has 16 episodes to go.

CBS is rebooting Bewitched... look for it Fall 2012? Roseanne is working on another blue-collar family show, titled Downwardly Mobile. Apparently there's a possibility that Sex and the City will be returning to television. bleh.

SyFy's Haven is incorporating a Twitter storyline into the current 7-ep arc. If you like the series and use Twitter, go find out more about they they're working together.

If Oprah can have her own network, so can Tyler Perry. He's working with Lionsgate to make it happen!

Ashton Kutcher and Hugh Laurie both make $700,000 for each episode of their respective shows. Jon Cryer makes $600k an episode, Mark Harmon makes $500k an episode, and Tina Fey makes $350k an episode. Tim Allen's new show will net him $225,000 per episode. For more info on these numbers, check TVGuide.

Seth MacFarlane will be the Roast Master for Charlie Sheen's upcoming roast.

True Blood got renewed for a 12-episode fifth season. MTV's strange show, Awkward, has been renewed for a second season. Leverage got renewed as well, for a fifth season on TNT. Lastly, Warehouse 13 on SyFy will get a 4th season.
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