Thursday, August 11, 2011

This Week's "Reality Shows" : Teen Mom & Kate Plus Eight

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Teen M
om "Terrible Twos" (S03E06): There's a Christmas tree up at Ryan's, so it's likely late November or into December for them. Farrah's talking about Christmas, too.
  Kyle is still looking for a job. Maci is upset that she doesn't have Bentley all the time - he still goes to Ryan's 2 days a week. [really? she's upset that she only gets him 5 days a week?? This is what happens when you can't get along!] Ryan hasn't been to Maci's so he doesn't know Kyle is living there. Ryan's mom picks up Bentley and sees Kyle, so she tells Ryan, who will bring that up in court. [Why does Maci have a grandfather clock?? Ryan's mom is so pushy. Get out of their lives! She even tries to get Ryan to want to date Maci again!] 
Farrah: She got a mixed bag of grades in her final semester but she passed and will graduate. Farrah doesn't want more kids, so she wants to get a puppy to celebrate finishing school, plus have a playmate for Sophia. [really, no more children? not even ten years from now?] She also doesn't want to hear how much the puppy and his supplies cost, so she just blindly handed over her credit card at the register. [see, if you can't even handle knowing how much a dog costs, I don't think you're ready for one...] Farrah talks to Sophia like she's much older than a toddler. She plans to keep the dog a secret from her mother until Christmas. [this could get amusing... wonder how long she'll make it?] Farrah tries holding the dog over the toilet and telling it to go potty. [...what??] She then spanks the dog and cages it because it peed on the rug instead. [nice discipline I suppose, but if you don't take the dog outside, what do you expect??] It also doesn't take long for Farrah to put clothes on the dog. [should've seen this coming, but I didn't.] She really thinks that Sophia can keep the dog a secret?? Then, she shows her sister the dog. Turns out, her sister had a dog once, her mom took it back to the store, and her sister had to re-buy the dog! [hahahahaha!] Farrah has the dog in a diaper [LoL] because she can't take it outside - her mom will see it. The water is out at Farrah's mom's house so she comes over to Farrah's to use the shower... and figures out that they have a dog. [I'm kinda tired of her mom... I guess the woman is trying to be calmer since the old days when Farrah called the cops on her, but still...] 
Amber:  Amber's house doesn't have heat so Leah is staying with Gary. [Leah is starting to look like her parents... which is unfortunate, since I find neither of them attractive.] Gary wants Leah to have separate birthday parties, but Amber disagrees. [Leah calling out "Amber" to the phone was very strange. creepy, even.] Gary is hung over the day of Leah's party. [irresponsible parenting strikes again!] Amber takes Leah out to dinner for her birthday. [really? for a two-year-old? what's the point?]  
Catelynn: They're both working. Catelynn is heading to a retreat for birthmoms who chose adoption. We finally see Paige a little more. Catelynn hears about some adoptions that end up closing, and the birthparents no longer get to hear about how their chidlren are doing, which scares Catelynn. [it would scare me, too, if I had originally intended it to be otherwise!]  

Kate Plus Eight "DC Cupcake Visit" (S02E11): Mady and Cara go with their friends Katie and Jillian and both moms to the DC Cupcakes place. They get to bake some with the ladies. Kate just snacked on the icings. They made cupcake headbands with mini cupcakes... but it didn't work that well. [I didn't care for Kate playing around with the customers. She would've pissed me off!] They all made around 3 dozen each... [that is a ton!] Kate made a cupcake for a random guy she saw on the street... but the guy is gluten-free, so they have to get him a different one. [she's such a ridiculous flirt sometimes!] The guy had no clue who Kate was, even after hearing her name. [dang. that's crazy! well, to me anyway. who else in a metropolitan area doesn't know who Kate Gosselin is?] The girls also gave away some of their cupcakes to random customers in the store. They took a limo away from it... then they were in Annapolis. Years ago, the family traveled to Annapolis several times to visit some of Jon's family. Kate keeps in touch with them. They spent some time downtown. The aunt and uncle spent some time with Jon in Florida not long before this event. [interesting. I'm intrigued.] Kate wanted to have whole crabs, so the whole group cracks crabs, but end up ordering crab legs. [well yeah. Did Kate really think she could handle the messiness of cracking crabs??] They took a quick sail as well. [eh. pretty boring segments, I thought.] Back at the house, Ashley plays with the younger six - Team Games. The boys were The Cheese: Aadey Baby, Colly Wolly 2x4, and Squidy. [some strange names!] The girls were The Dolphins: Lexified, Heenah Baneenah, Little Leah. [of course Leah wouldn't have anything else, LoL!] First, a potato sack race using garbage bags, which the girls won. Then, a race with cups of water on their head. Some soccer, which the boys won. [ewww. the kids run around barefoot!] Tug of war, which the girls won. Race on those big balls you sit on and hop. A swimming race of sorts. Balance eggs on a spoon with the end of the spoon in your mouth! They also did a three-legged race and the dizzy bats. In the end, the girls won 7 games and the boys won 3. They even had a torch and some small fireworks. [cute overall... I guess.]

Kate Plus Eight "8 Movie Makers" (S02E12): The family has some folks over who run programs to make movies with kids. The kids learn some film jargon. They pick characters, which is harder for some of the kids than the others. These types of things aren't usually done in someone's house. Mady had an idea to start the movie in an orphanage, then a magic land comes about. We see a bunch of scenes get filmed. [wow, these kids have NO timing. good thing they're not real actors...] The kids change what characters they want to be and what they want to do so they're adding scenes and taking away other scenes. [this amuses me.] After it's all filmed, the family gets interviewed on a red carpet like stars. [I thought this was a great touch!] Then, they sit down to watch the premiere. We see bits of the finished product. [I don't think it looked all that great... the camerawork seemed a bit Blair Witch to me...]
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