Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Farrah's Accepted, Leah's Sick; Catelynn & Tyler Ski, Ryan's Partying

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Teen Mom "Time Out" (S03E11): We're having some issues with timelines again. Catelynn was supposed to graduate in March, but the letter she reads from Brandon and Teresa is dated January 6th (sensible if it's the alleged week after they went clubbing) and she's acting like school is out has her last day of school in the same episode. Amber's timeline has only progressed a little, not much knowledge about Macy's or Farrah's. Next week is the season finale.

Amber: She broke up with Clinton to focus on herself and Leah. [good idea I suppose.] Leah gets sick the night before the CPS meeting. Leah has strep throat and a double-ear infection. [I've never seen someone make cupcakes without the wrappers before.]

Maci: Maci hears from a friend that Ryan is downtown when he's supposed to be with Bentley. Over at Ryan's, 10pm is apparently Bentley's bedtime. [I'm genuinely shocked by this. but I'm not going to spend a paragraph picking at it.] A friend comes over to get Ryan, so he definitely goes out at least once. Kyle makes Maci go to class. [good. that girl needs some pushing.] Maci asks Bentley who cares for him, feeds him etc. over at Ryan's... it looks like Ryan's mother does the bulk of the care. When Ryan goes to pick up Bentley, Maci confronts him about the new schedule. She mentions that she knows he's going out, and he denies it until she gives a specific date. He denies the "every weekend" accusation, and she doesn't give another specific example. [Why are there two car seats in Ryan's truck?] Ryan calls Maci and demands to know who has been telling her that Ryan's been going out, but she says it doesn't matter. She wants to marry Kyle and cut out Ryan completely. [While Maci's storyline continues to be my favorite, I'm starting to lose interest in the way she does things.]

Farrah: She gets into the school in Fort Lauderdale, and she's planning to move there. Farrah's mom freaks out, claiming that she won't be able to live without Sophia. [yet it seems she thinks that Farrah could live without Sophia.] Farrah is going to get braces for a year. [I guess she's going to take a modeling hiatus while she's in school and wear braces during that time so she can have a better smile when she returns to the business?] Farrah goes with her parents to counseling. Farrah's mom tells the counselor that she doesn't think Sophia should go with Farrah to Florida. Farrah's mother's parents apparently also spend time with Sophia. [why does Farrah do her hair like a rock star when she's at home, LoL?] Farrah starts to wonder if her mother is right regarding leaving Sophia there when she goes to Florida. [and this is where Farrah starts to be a whiny brat again. Suck it up and be an adult and handle your daughter, or suck it up and don't go to your dream school. c'mon now.]

Catelynn: They get an email from Brandon and Teresa, who aren't sure if they'll be able to make graduation but they will think about it. [fair enough. glad they weren't upset by the non-definitive response.] Catelynn wants to start going to college to teach preschool-8th grade, but she won't start classes until September. [why not the summer? but hopefully she can get more hours or a second job until then.] Catelynn plans a weekend getaway to a bed & breakfast and a ski resort. They take a ski lesson wearing jeans. [I guess if you don't have anything better... but learning in jeans must suck... you fall a LOT when you're learning to ski!]
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