Thursday, September 15, 2011

Melissa & Joey: End of Season 1

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Melissa & Joey "Do As I Say, Not As I Did" (S01E29): There's a big school dance and an all-night party afterward. Mel has no problem letting Lennox attend (despite the fact that Mel had sex at the first all-night party she went to), but Joe is concerned that it's an opportunity to have sex. [of course Joe would take that point of view.] So, Joe confronts Brenden, telling him that he wants Lennox returned "in the same condition in which she left." [typical.] Soon afterward, Mel sees Brenden looking at condoms in a drugstore, and tells Joe about it when she gets home. [she must have really been nervous to tell Joe...] After they find out that Lennox is "getting waxed," they're really starting to freak out (even though it turns out to just be her eyebrows). Joe (and Mel, but in hiding) decides to go after Lennox, and shows up at the party. Lennox tells him that she already decided she wasn't going to have sex, though she thanks him for the lecture, since she doesn't have a dad to do that sort of thing. [cute.]

While all of this is going on, Ryder has Holly and Charlotte over to work on an English project, and they work in his bedroom behind closed doors, since Joe and Mel don't think they have to worry about Ryder. Holly soon wants Charlotte to leave the group after a disagreement in perspective. Ryder and Charlotte work together without Holly, who freaks out that Ryder is allowing Charlotte to stay in the group. [whyyyyy is Holly still on this show??] Ryder stands up to Holly. [always amusing.] After Ryder plays Holly against Charlotte, Mel and Joe decide that he can't have girls in his room anymore. [hahaha.]

Oh, and in a convoluted and forced plot, the city is about to go on strike, but Mel isn't very concerned... until the City Controller and the Union Boss show up at her house when the talks break down. [why bother?]

Melissa & Joey "The Settlement" (S01E30): Looks like there's a leak in the second floor bathroom that's causing water to drip into the living room, and Joe wants to take care of it rather than hiring a plumber. [I know Joe is like a cure-all miracle worker, but I'm getting sick of his "abilities."] Joe will likely get $167,000 from some money found in an off-shore account related to the scandal. [nice!] The kids immediately start to miss Joe, and Mel complains to Stephanie, who acts like money wouldn't stop her from working for Mel. [super funny! I especially liked Stephanie daring Mel to give her a raise, haha! I could totally see Mel falling for that.] Joe tells Mel that he'll help her find a replacement (and those interviews of course include a Who's the Boss? joke almost immediately), as he's planning to move out shortly. At his new apartment, Joe and Mel have take-out while sitting on boxes. They're interrupted when the kids arrive to tell Mel that a couch arrived at the house... turns out that Mel ordered a $4,000 couch over a year ago, before anyone moved in with her. Mel rushes home to make sure it's not under the leak. Joe goes to pick up his check, but it red-flags the lawyers when it's revealed that he lives with Lennox and Ryder (the children of the money launderer). Joe goes to Mel, tells him that he won't be getting any money, and that he'll take the old position back. As soon as they make up, part of the second floor collapses onto the new couch... turns out that the entire house will need to be remodeled. [not the most exciting episode, but it sets up plenty of material for the second season!]
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