Friday, September 30, 2011

Teen Mom: Wrap-Ups for Farrah & Amber

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Teen Mom "Finale Special: Check-Up with Dr. Drew - Part 1" (S03E13): We start by talking about how the girls are being recognized more and more - Maci is thanked, Amber receives negative comments, Farrah hears about how girls use her show to communicate with their parents, and Catelynn talks to all kinds of people who contact her through social media. [It's always so awkward to watch the girls watch their scenes.]

Farrah: Farrah hasn't moved yet. [what is she wearing??] Farrah mentions how she has no friends. She doesn't feel like making time for friends. She claims that she isn't trying to isolate herself. [okay these statements kinda contradict each other, and Dr. Drew knows it....] OBVIOUSLY Farrah misses Derek and wishes he could see Sophia grow up! Farrah figures that she can bring Sophia to FL after spending about two weeks setting up. [what? just enough time to register, have orientation, move in, and find a daycare?] When her mom hears this, she's surprised. [I'm not surprised she's surprised... especially after it's revealed that Farrah makes up these things on the spot!] Farrah also acts like she might just drop off Sophia in Iowa for a week here or there when she "needs to focus on school." [LOL, since she doesn't need to focus on school all the time?] She's looking at $38,000 for tuition, plus a higher cost of living, plus full-time childcare, which adds up to a lot. [what has Farrah been doing recently? Is she working at a restaurant? She graduated from her Associate's program quite a while ago now...] Farrah is upset that Sophia got her old room at her mom's house. [what's with those ugly ring(s) Farrah's wearing??]

Amber: She's asked about how potty training is going - Leah goes, but then she gets naked and runs around the house. [hahaha] Her 3 felonies and 1 misdemeanor are still underway. Dr. Drew asks Amber to address the people who say she's a bad mom, but Amber doesn't want to... she's too full of hate toward them. Gary and Amber have a temporary lift on their no-contact order regarding being in front of Leah together, just for this taping. When they return back home, they can't see one another in front of Leah again. [I wonder what Leah thinks of this, it must be rather confusing.] When Gary comes out, Dr. Drew asks him about his comments regarding having Leah taken from Amber. Dr. Drew tells Gary not to say things like that to her ever again. [this is why I'm not a therapist. I think Amber needs to hear them.] Then Dr. Drew asks about Leah's second birthday being separate parties. [Does Amber think she's high fashion or something? Did you SEE those shoes?!?] When Amber and Gary are asked if they love one another, Gary says yes. Amber hesitates, and finally says that she's confused and doesn't know. [blah. can we just agree to write-off Amber from this show now?] Amber's mom talks a little about the night that Amber's sister died, and Amber got so upset that she walked off stage.

Just a few notes on the other girls, as they'll be covered more next week:
: She's confronted about how Bentley still uses his pacifier. She's now at the part where Bentley only uses it when he lays down. [I thought Dr. Drew was a little harsh with Maci. But at least she had a witty comeback.]

Catelynn: She's starting college in early childhood development in September (so this past month, since this was taped in advance).
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