Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cake Boss: Car Cake for Danica Patrick

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Cake Boss "Chocolate Race Cars & Choosing a Dress" (S04E30): Danica Patrick stops by the bakery to get a cake for her charity awareness (COPD) event. She has an artist who put together a license-plate-pinwheels monument that is going to travel the country. She tries a cannoli and thinks it's really good, then Buddy shows her how to make pastry pinwheels - they put down flour and use a sheeter... cut circles of dough and make 4 slits... coat with an egg wash and fold them like pinwheels... add some crystal sugar and apricot jam, and put them in the oven. [Ralph shaved his mustache!?!?] The cake will be a map of the US covered with license plates and 24 pinwheels - one for each million people living with COPD. Plus, they're going to build a race track around it with slot cars. They also make a tire to symbolize the drive for COPD. [interesting idea. but the overall look is one of the worst cakes I've seen on this show.... the orange and blue were kinda gross, plus some of the pinwheels looked a little half-assed, as did a few of the license plates.] Ralph and Buddy race the slot cars... if Ralph wins, he'll get a chef coat. If he loses, he has to swim in the Hudson river. Ralph wins, but we don't see a coat presentation. [It doesn't look evenly matched to me, any time, because the cars kept flying off the tracks.]  The cars kept popping off, even at the event. [I don't remember this happening when I was a kid and played with slot cars...]

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Outside the bakery, Lisa and Buddy's sisters, plus her mother and Sophia go to Kleinfeld's to pick out a dress for the vow renewal. [I know Lisa has a brother, but does she have any sisters?] Lisa tells Randy that it's a surprise location, so she might want flowy but doesn't know much more about what she wants, other than sexy. The sisters struggle to agree, and each has their own ideas for what she should try on. Lisa is nervous because it's been ten years and four children, so she's not as thin as she used to be. Madeleine tells the other sisters that she's under a lot of pressure because she was the maid of honor last time and she assumes she will be again. [...who needs a maid of honor when it's just parents and kids? LoL, I love how the family assumes that they're going to get around Buddy's wishes. I actually really liked the one that everyone no'd immediately.] Randy did end up confronting the girls, especially Mary. [The first dress that everyone was quiet on was hideous. It made Lisa look much hippier than she is.] Lisa goes back to the lace dress, and I think it was very beautiful on her. The one that Lisa liked was different... classy... lacy... and beautiful on her. (seen to the right)
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