Monday, October 17, 2011

The Simpsons: Bart Does Good

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

So I didn't realize that Simpsons had a second episode and then went on hiatus until the Halloween Treehouse of Horror episode.

The Simpsons "Bart Stops to Small the Roosevelts" (S23E02): The chalkboard message is: "It's not too early to speculate about the 2016 election." [heh. why can't we ever focus on one thing at a time? also, I wasn't a fan of the strange animation for the couch gag... ] They're having a fundraiser for the school. [I love that they buy t-shirts for other schools so it looks like their kids go to nicer schools, hahahahahaha.] The auction items are being purchased by Bart pretending to be an eccentric Englishwoman, and he even admits to the misdeed afterward. [haha about believing everything said in a British accent.] Skinner reads Modern Proctor when he gets yelled at by the superintendent for being unable to control Bart. So, Skinner challenges Superintendent Chalmers to teach Bart himself. [haha, Breakfast Club vs. Fight Club.]

Chalmers has Bart learning about Teddy Roosevelt, and Bart enjoys it. [strange things are happening...] This gives Chalmers the idea to take Bart outside and ride horses in a national park created by Teddy Roosevelt. That works so well that Bart brags about Chalmers to kids at recess. Chalmers talks to the guys about how classes are too geared toward girls and that boys need different education. [mmmhmmm...] Chalmers decides to take the group on an overnight adventure in the park. The second day, Nelson fell down a cliff, and his mom plans to sue, causing Chalmers to lose his job.

Bart has the guys over to the treehouse and they hatch a plan to get Chalmers back his job. [LoL on Homer's "parenting."] Tuesday, at 9:37am, Jimbo asks the school secretary if he should take drugs, and this is a big enough distraction that Bart gets into Skinner's office and makes an announcement on the PA system. He manages to get all of the teachers out into the parking lot... which allows The Brotherhood of the Spectacles to take over the school with the students inside. While it sounds like things are going well, there's not much time left and it takes literally no time before Chalmers is reinstated. [blah blah blah.]

Another fun thing in this episode? Bart and Lisa get into a fight about whether Franklin or Teddy is the better Roosevelt. hahahahaha.
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