Monday, October 17, 2011

Teen Mom: Wrap-Ups for Catelynn & Maci

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

For fans of Teen Mom, you'll probably be quick to notice that this aired quite a while ago... like, two weeks ago. But I'm never a big fan of the wrap-ups... not much happens.
Teen Mom "Finale Special: Check Up With Dr. Drew, Part 2" (S03E14): Amber is brought back on-stage from the carry-over. When she leaves, Dr. Drew talks a little about SIDS, then Tyler and Catelynn come out. Catelynn reiterates that she feels he'll leave her someday. [I'm kinda tired of that complaint, frankly. Either be with him and suck it up or break up now.] Catelynn also still feels uncomfortable with her body and weight. April (Catelynn's mom) comes out and Catelynn mentions that their communication is getting better. [Catelynn's laugh gets on my nerves!]

Maci should graduate in the Spring, which is good considering all of her struggles to stay in school. Ryan never went through with getting a formal custody agreement, since he didn't want to have to be told what to do by someone he doesn't know. [...LoL.] Dr. Drew confronts Maci about wanting a second child, and she gives a great explanation - she feels like she's 30, not 19. She has an almost-3-year-old, and she's in "mommy mode." Maci wants to be married before she has another baby, so it'll be a bit yet. Maci's parents had her brother when they were 17. [did Dr. Drew really not know that Maci was a child of teen parents? You'd think this would have come up sometimes over the PAST THREE YEARS...] Dr. Drew gives Maci and Ryan some communication advice. Ryan admits that he would have made more of an effort in a do-over.

Teen Mom is set to return January 5th. Not sure what the deal is with Teen Mom 2.
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