Monday, October 17, 2011

Duggars: Jason Injured; Aquarium Trip

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

19 Kids and Counting "Duggar in Danger" (S08E05): The family is in Atlanta to visit Dr. Charles Stanley's church. They have friends in Buford, GA, and stay with them. [The practice violin session in the church sounded very beautiful!] Jill and Jason stayed behind with some of the cousins for a bit. [cousins? Michelle's family came?] Jill was playing some harp when they heard screaming... turns out that Jason fell about 12 feet and busted his two front teeth, and was in some pain. They called an ambulance and Michelle rode with him to an emergency room. He needed stitches on his lip, and suffered from a fractured jaw, sprained knee, and two chipped teeth. Jason started out with his crutches the next morning at the church but moved to a wheelchair when available. Jason wasn't on-stage but in the green room during the performance and speech. [poor kid had to put on a suit only like 12 hours after being in the ER! nobody could stay with him in the bus or at their friends' house instead??] The fractured jaw will heal on its own, but he'll need to be on soft foods only for several weeks.

The family spent a day at the lake doing a zipline, jetskis, tubing, wakeboarding, etc. Josh and Anna took Mackynzie on a jetski, even! Michael was also onboard the boat! [whoa, buddy. you're kidding, right? And that was probably really rough on Anna, too!] Michelle was among those who tried wakeboarding, and was the only Duggar who actually got up and had a ride (though she did wipe out seven times first). She likes her knees covered at all times so they blocked out her knees when her "modesty suit" came up.

19 Kids and Counting "Duggars Under the Sea" (S08E06): They're at the Georgia World Congress Center for a Christian media event in Atlanta. They meet Bethany Hamilton, the "Soul Surfer." [again with the stupid inclusions. Why bother showing this if they're only going to have it on for ninety seconds?] The next day they went to the Georgia Aquarium - the family had never before been to an aquarium! [see, this is where it would be acceptable to have an hour-long episode and show how this trip was also an educational experience... did any of the kids research aquatic animals before going? Were there questionnaires to fill out or an essay to write afterward?] SCUBA divers wipe all of the acrylic to make sure the view is crystal-clear. [I thought this was cool.] The family adopted a whale shark and named it JimBob. [this was strange... how did the family decide to do that? They usually seem to think things through quite a bit before making financial decisions...] They see the dolphins and watch the whales feed. [I learned about the feeding of the whale sharks being vertical - I totally never heard that before!] Some of the adult men don wetsuits to feed beluga whales. [why was there so much discussion about the size of the suits?] Most of the family then put on labcoats and go to see penguins. [pretty awesome!]

One last fun fact? The entire family weighs 2,423 pounds.
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