Wednesday, October 19, 2011

HIMYM: The Internet Takes Over; Erickson Baby is a...

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

The bottom line? Technology had taken a lot of intrigue out of life. Back in 2005, you'd argue about stuff. In 2011, you look on your phones and figure it out... the barroom debate is pretty much dead. And this is quite true... when I was 19-20, a good way to spend a Wednesday night in the summer was to head over to the local draft house and enter the weekly trivia contest. Maybe a total of five times we'd try to make a rushed phone call to someone to get their thought on what the answer to a certain question... I think it only worked once - cell phones weren't everywhere yet so someone had to be home for you to catch them. Only a few months ago did I realize that trivia nights can't possibly be as fun anymore... now that everyone has a cell phone and most people have smartphones, it wouldn't be any trouble to obtain the majority of the answers. Maybe at some point I'll have to find a place that hosts trivia again (if such things still exist!) and find out how it's run now.

In this episode of How I Met Your Mother, Barney and Robin are constantly looking up Ted's dates to figure out what their backgrounds are. And, I'll admit, I do this all the time - with just about anyone I meet. It comes in handy to be able to find out a lot of information without asking and prying... in fact, you might find out more than you could hope someone would divulge.... though then you hit the fine line when you learn too much too fast. Anyway, read on for more about the specifics of the episode.

How I Met Your Mother "Mystery vs. History" (S07E06):  Lily and Marshall have everyone over to paint the nursery, though they got the gang interested with a line about sangria and tapas. [I liked it. small humor.] Ted has a date that night and makes a pact with her that neither of them will look up the other online first. [Why was Barney so crazy about wanting to know the sex of Lily and Marshall's baby? The issues with using "gender" where "sex" would be more appropriate pissed me off. The conversation that pointed out that they text one another their feces shapes grossed me out! The spit-take and "mother of God" thing was dumb.] Barney and Robin find out the sex and won't tell Marshall and Lily until they read about Janet McIntyre, Ted's current date. They all try to get Ted to take a peek, and he eventually ends up clicking on the link while Janet is in the bathroom. [I hated Janet's dress. Oh, good, more Canada jokes. hahaha.] Ted suffers now that he knows Janet is amazing. [at first I thought they were parodying Doogie Howser, but it didn't end that way.] Marshall and Lily decide not to read the gender after all, but end up seeing the word "boy" on the bottom of Barney's shoe. [I was betting on a boy for them!]
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