Wednesday, October 19, 2011

House: Generosity can be a Symptom

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

This was a pretty boring episode. I'm really waiting for this season to perk up...

House "Charity Case" (S08E03): Benjamin, the man who will become the patient, is at The Phoenix Foundation, a place that can help with getting a person back on their feet, teaching them to type, loaning them clothes for interviews, etc. He leaves them a check for one million dollars and leaves... he gets about a block and collapses. See, he has tons of money and donates is on a regular basis. He has one pair of pants - he uses everything to help others. He even wants to donate a kidney to a woman he's never met, furthering his altruism.

House cuts his hair at the hospital. House has a new, pro-bono assistant, Adams, though he wants Chase and Taub back. He's been calling Thirteen constantly, but she's not returning his calls. Thirteen shows up at the hospital to ask House to stop calling. She tells him that she isn't practicing medicine anymore, but he still manages to get her to work on a case AND gets her to stop by a Chinese restaurant that's 6 miles out of her way. [wow, that ankle device stopping House from being able to go anywhere sucks! don't break laws, kids!] Thirteen agrees with Chi Park's suggestion of Whipple's. [LoL on House diagnosing a boy masturbating.] Thirteen gets Benjamin to offer up his second kidney, and later the rest of his organs... House is able to figure out that it's a thyroid issue that is making the guy irrationally generous. [love the graphics on this show! it's been a while since we saw some good "this is what happens inside your body" images. I also really liked the "smile and say thank you or I get you GPS."] Turns out, House's car was in the shop and he conned Adams into fixing it by using Chi Park. Oh, and House fires Thirteen at the end of the episode because he can't work with someone who is just there so they don't feel bad. [Those are some really fast moving doors!]
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