Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Middle: Axl Plays Frankie

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Call me crazy but I couldn't get over how well Frankie responded to Axl's scheme this episode! I wish I could predict how people respond well enough to trick them! Additionally, it must be nice to live in such a neighborhood that it's worth it, LoL. But, Mike has mentioned that he bought the house in 1991 so they've been there a LONG time.

The Middle "Bad Choices" (S03E05): It's a block party but there's a lot of people missing, as a lot of foreclosures have taken place. It starts raining and the entire family has to rush home and save the house... putting bowls all over to catch drips and covering the television with a clear plastic bag. [hahaha. loved the whole scene but my favorite part was favoring the television over the photos.] A few days later, the dishwasher starts flooding the kitchen!
Frankie thinks that they should consider moving to an apartment. The parents are set on moving to the apartment, though the kids aren't thrilled. In fact, they all vote NOT to move, as seen in the image to the right. Mike goes up to put a tarp on the roof and a neighbor offers some shingles... then, another offers the use of a nail gun. [neighbors are so nice... in this fake television show. I need to remember it's fake... LoL.]

Sue and Brad are writing, directing, and performing a skit for don't-drink-text-drive awareness week. [wow, things sure have changed. It looked like there was an assembly to pick the volunteers and then another assembly for the performance... we only had like 5 assemblies a year when I was in high school. I liked the non-rap parts of the skit.]

Axl is setting up Frankie so he can get out of school Tuesday on a fake sick card. It works because he says he's turning down a (fake) basketball game first. Then, he acts like he's half-sick but he has an integral role in a surprise party and that if he doesn't do it, a dumb kid would have to do it... and since Frankie doesn't want someone's birthday ruined, she sends him to the party. Then, when he finds out that the second part of the Spanish test is the next day, he's got to pull off the sick thing again. It works, but then Axl's friends call him from school to tell him that the coach won't let him play that night if he's absent... so he comes to school and tells the Spanish teacher that it was a Jewish holiday. She tells him that she'll come in on Saturday so he can make-up the test, and Axl pulls a funeral line... an aunt who was 97 who drove off a bridge... quoting one of Sue's in-the-newspaper examples of people who texted and drove. [hahahahaha. I had to pause and just laugh.] The teacher of course sees this in the paper and believes it and tells him not to worry about the test and to take care of himself. [...what's to stop a kid from just randomly memorizing the facts in any old obituary? Naive teacher, I say.] In the end, Axl's story is completely blown because of the mini-block party. [figures. I had hopes he'd get away with it, though...]

In other news, Brick now recites Shakespeare quotes on demand. []
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