Thursday, October 20, 2011

Last Man Standing: Get Your Grandson Expelled...

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I'm still enjoying this show quite a bit. This episode didn't have the Mike-yelling-as-a-video moment that I thought was becoming synonymous with the show, but that's okay. Mandy is still annoying, and Kristin still seems to be the daughter with the most focus. Let's hope for an Eve-centric episode next week? Or maybe something that will show us what Vanessa does as a career?

Last Man Standing "Grandparents Day" (S01E03): Vanessa and Mike have Grandparents Day at Boyd's school. The teacher continues to be a bit fruity and fluffy for Mike. The school doesn't use the word "normal" because it implies abnormal. [okay, I can buy that...] Because of Mike's outbursts and because the "family energy" doesn't mesh, Boyd, at the tender age of 2, is expelled from the preschool, and Kristin isn't happy. [really? your grandparent gets upset and YOU get expelled??] Kristin wants Mike to beg the school into taking back Boyd, but rather than do that, Mike offers to watch Boyd until they can find another preschool. He even builds a bouncy house at work with a tent and some inflatable rafts. [not sure how well that worked, but I liked the concept!]
Several of his colleagues take turns playing with Boyd, but it's tiring everyone out and Mike decides to just apologize. Of course, it didn't help that every other preschool in the area apparently has a waiting list. After Mike sucks it up and says he was wrong, Kristin freaks out that the teacher doesn't like Mike's role modeling and Mike has to pull her out before something else goes wrong. [this was pretty unbelievable... I don't really think that Kristin would decide to stand up for her father like that...]

Other events in this episode? Vanessa feels old at the preschool so she ends up at a teen store in the mall, where she runs into Mandy, who is dying to give her a makeover. Vanessa comes home with a new outfit and feathers in her hair... and the desire to possibly have a baby so she doesn't feel old. [this comes up in every sitcom... twice in Tim Allen's Home Improvement. I wonder what they'll do with it here?]

And, Mandy thinks Eve's been using her shampoo, though it was really Mike who did so. [started out as a dumb and boring story, but the reveal of Mike being the culprit made me laugh!]
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