Friday, October 21, 2011

Two and a Half Men: Alan's an Idiot... Again...

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

There's not many episodes that are Alan-centric that result in a positive outlook. They generally paint Alan to be a giant dope who can't do anything right. Well, the embezzlement episode aside, of course... that was genius. This episode reunited him with Lindsay... twice... but in the end he ruins it for himself anyway. Anyone actually surprised?

Two and a Half Men "A Giant Cat Holding a Churro" (S09E05): Lindsay is bloated and full from dinner, but Alan thought they'd be having sex and ends up on the couch watching strange, "vintage porn" with Walden. [...awkward!] Turns out, Lindsay is in the film! Alan is troubled about it for a while, but ends up confronting Lindsay... she just says that she was young, stupid, and needed the money... after all, it was 20 years ago. [I'm pretty sure that's the same story everyone uses, haha.] To make things even, Alan tells the story of the dog who ate peanut butter off his testicles... but then he doesn't shut up. He tells another story about kissing a guy, then the stories of his embezzling, cheating on her, the fact he might have a second child with Judith, the fact he stole her birthday earrings last year from Judith, and that he kept the mannequin thing a secret from Charlie because Rose gave him $50,000. [I don't know that I would have opened with the dog story, but at least I'd know when to shut up!] Lindsay doesn't reciprocate her secrets... she just throws him out. [hahahaha, saw that coming!] Berta teaches Walden how to bake.... pot brownies. [that Berta is obsessed with getting that Walden, LoL!] Alan tells Berta and Walden that he and Lindsay broke up... but they're too high to care. [...yep.] Alan calls Lindsay and leaves a message on her machine... which, of course, isn't the greatest. Walden gets the Malibu Beach volleyball team to come over, and surprises Alan with them. Of course, in the midst of the party, Lindsay shows up. [was ANYONE surprised??] Walden is too "gone" to be able to cover for Alan, and throws him over the railing so that he's not there. [hahahahaha!] Later, Alan goes to Lindsay's, but he tells her the truth about where he was and she throws him out again. [I'm just sitting here shaking my head... what about you?]
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