Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December 14th Holiday Recommendations

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Welcome to our second set of recommendations for our 12 Days of Christmas programming! Again, for a full listing, check out our Holiday Programming Schedule, but here are the highlights for Wednesday, December 14th! As always, times are Eastern and Pacific to the best of our knowledge (except when noted otherwise), but it's always good to double-check with your own provider.

7am: Santa Claus: The Movie (ABCFamily)
 - This movie, with John Lithgow, gives a "history" to Santa Claus. You get some background on how the jolly man in red came to be, and how his head elf became his enemy. I was too young the first time I saw this, but for adults, it's a go.

3pm: House "Joy to the World" (CLOO)
-  This isn't my favorite holiday episode of this show, but it has some great parts. House's "first virgin birth" line being one of them. Cuddy is also the one to solve the medical mystery, and it's a doozy! In a nutshell, the patient is actually post-partum, and left the baby for dead. However, some homeless squatters watched after the baby (born in an abandoned house), and that's how Cuddy got Rachel. Also, Thirteen is still taking part in the Huntington's drug trial in this one, and she and Foreman make out.

5 & 9pm (PT): A Christmas Carol: The Musical (Lifetime Movie Network)
- This is a movie that I haven't seen before, although it has been out since 2004. I've got the DVR set to record it, so look for a recap & remarks later in the month (or early next year, LoL). It starts Kelsey Grammer and Jason Alexander, among others, and was released in 2004. I won't give you the plot points to A Christmas Carol, because I'm sure you know them from somewhere along the line!

6pm: Frosty's Winter Wonderland (ABCFamily)
- I know it's quite confusing to tune in to a Frosty special... there really are quite a few! This is one of the sequels, where Frosty searches for a snow-bride but has to face nemesis Jack Frost in the process. It's not quite as lovable as the original, but it'll do!

6:30pm: Pixar Short Films (ABCFamily)

- yeah, this is a bit of a trick. It's not exactly a holiday thing. But, for some reason, the Pixar short films are always trotted out around the holidays, and air like a dozen times (no, I didn't take the time to actually count...). This is the same set from 2007, so chances are that you've seen them before, but if you haven't, consider giving it a go.
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