Monday, December 26, 2011

The Exes: Appearances Matter

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

So, in a nutshell, this is a story of two cases where appearances matter. First, there's a filthy man whom Holly is afraid of. After he cleans up, however, she falls for him. Second, Haskell has used Phil's picture to find an online "girlfriend" whom he's been talking with for the better part of a year. But, when she finds out that he's been "lying" to her, she says that she might have been attracted to his true appearance, but it's too late to even consider that. I don't know that Holly learned anything about judging books by covers though... I think the point driven home for her was not to be late. For Haskell, maybe he learned not to use someone else's picture, maybe not. We don't really see any big remorse from him, actually. Meh.

The Exes "Lutz and the Real Girl" (S01E04): Phil comes home from a date and sees Haskell hanging out online with his "girlfriend." Stuart is shocked that Haskell is talking to his Seattle-based girlfriend online, and that's all the contact that they've ever had. Holly comes over to ask for the guys' help to shoo a homeless man from the laundry room, and since Stuart is offended that Holly asks Phil first, he goes down to talk to the bum. The bum, Bob, apologizes when Stuart asks him to leave, so Stuart tells him that he can finish up his load AND gives him $20. [STUART! What are you doing with your life?!? you are quickly becoming the most annoying character EVER!]

Haskell's girlfriend, Rebecca, is coming to town, so he panics... he has been using a photo of Phil! [this is the mistake of a 1998 high schooler, yo...] Haskell tells Phil everything about Rebecca so that he can pass as Haskell on the date. On the date, things are going decently, as Phil covers pretty well by saying he's nervous, etc. [I thought he was saving face pretty well anyway.] When the homeless man is in the laundry room again, Holly tells Stuart to get rid of him again.
Instead of doing that, however, Stuart lets the bum use Holly's shower. [are you serious? He felt it was appropriate to let a guy he barely knows use the shower in an apartment that isn't his? Bob couldn't wait until the shower in Stuart's apartment was available? Plus, we know there are three bedrooms over there... but only one bathroom?] He comes out, showered and shaved, and Holly falls for him. [so very "The One with the Yeti" from Friends... and where does he have the money to buy her a drink?]

Phil returns from his date, thinking that Rebecca has gone to the airport. Instead, she shows up at the apartment and Haskell opens the door. He plays the role of Phil, and he and real-Phil quickly clue-in Stuart, then real-Phil tries to wrap things up. [the "am I still Stuart?" part reminded me of countless sitcoms past.] Haskell ends up admitting the truth, and Rebecca leaves.

Holly tells Eden that she isn't comfortable being with a homeless man, but Eden talks her into it and she heads down to the bar, albeit about twenty minutes late. [just how low are Eden's standards? seriously...] Bob has already met someone else, however, and takes off. Haskell shows up at the bar to talk to Rebecca, and apologizes. She leaves him anyway, and he wonders if he should have been honest all along.
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