Friday, December 16, 2011

Teen Mom 2: Kailyn Tries, Leah Cries, Jenelle Fails, Chelsea Wails

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I've never really loved this set of teen moms, but this season is so angering! Chelsea is a very useless human being. She can't get a GED to save her life, doesn't appear to have a job outside the home whatsoever, and keeps going back with the same guy who cheated on her time and time again. Kailyn is trying hard to get everything going, but life is just throwing her one thing after another. She's trying hard, between what looks like two jobs and a full load (or at least 3/4) of classes. I hope things get better for her. We all know that Jenelle is making poor life choices, and part of her problem is the same as Chelsea's - she just lets her heart override her mind, every time. It doesn't seem like she has a job, she doesn't seem to care that she's failing out of school (again, if I'm not mistaken), and she can't be civil around her mother to save her life. The girl's going nowhere... very, very fast. Or, slow... she's only going to have gas money for so long... I'm going to leave Leah alone this episode, since nothing big happened aside from the news that one of the girls needs a brain MRI. I hope that her girls will both be okay. Now, on to the play-by-play...

Teen Mom 2 "Curveball" (S02E02):
Kailyn: It's uncomfortable at her mom's house because her mom's boyfriend is being passive-aggressive about her cleanliness. [that whole thing was so awkward. sucks.] Kailyn doesn't want to live there anymore but she can't afford her own place, and would be embarrassed to take welfare. She does, however, meet with a non-profit that helps young adults, ages 18-21, find apartments. They pay the rent and security deposit for you, and you pay them a small portion that gradually increases. [sounds like a decent program to help get people started on a better life for themselves.] It starts at $50/month and eventually you take over your full rent. She goes to look at an apartment with a counselor, who keeps saying "this is a nice apartment" over and over. [looks like she's going to take it!]
Jenelle: Kieffer and Jenelle have been living in her car for a few days. They're not getting along because Kieffer started drinking. [why wake up someone to ask how they slept?] They go to her friend Amber's place to take showers, and Jenelle fills in her friend on what happened. Jenelle has two online courses - she's missed too many days in math so she's going to fail and then retake it later. She heads to the library to do homework for the other class, though. Kieffer just wants to go gamble. [how is he making money these days? Just gambling?] Jenelle just pulls over and kicks out Kieffer, telling him to call her when he's ready to be nice... he says that she's been a b!tch to him for 2-3 days. [as long as she's been homeless! what a coincidence! Kieffer is an idiot.] Later, she picks him up so that they can go bowling with some friends, but he brings a bottle of liquor and drinks it in front of her. [I had forgotten that Andrew was a drunk. At least Jenelle only smokes, ha!] They get into a fight, both verbal and physical, and the scenes-from-the-next hint that Jenelle may press charges. 
Chelsea: She's studying for the GED but Adam is facebooking her. She calls her friend to tell her that Adam wants to get back together. She then trips on the stairs and thinks she re-tore her ACL, which she had surgery on last year. She calls her mom, who takes her to the ER. (her dad couldn't leave work.) [I'm glad that they mentioned why it wasn't her dad... since he's ALWAYS the one bailing her out!] The injury is serious and she'll likely need surgery. She talks to her sister, Emily, about the Adam thing. Adam brings Aubree to Chelsea at her mom's, where she's staying because there are no stairs. She's on medication so she can walk. Chelsea just keeps talking to people about how Adam wants to get back together, and we find out that they are reunited when her dad asks her, having seen them re-friend one another on facebook. [...sounds like someone needs to change their privacy settings...] Adam comes by daily to check on her and Aubree, and makes a comment about marrying her in ten years. [please, PLEASE don't let them get married. ever. worst.idea.ever. So much worse than Ross & Rachel...]
Leah: She has to take Ali for her six-month check-up at the eye doctor, who finds that her optic nerves are small, which could signify a brain problem. So, he suggests an MRI of the brain, but at least it doesn't look like she'll need surgery. Unfortunately, she later learns that nastagmus and a small optic nerve could lead to blindness. [I did NOT like how her family brought up that fact...] In good news, Aleeah takes a few steps. [yay!]
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