Friday, December 16, 2011

Terra Nova: Skye the Spy is Caught

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Calling your kid "bucket" when they're 17 years old just because they used to put a pail on to act like a soldier? Not a fan. Josh coming clean when he should have stuck with the lie? Not a fan. Elisabeth just telling her daughter to "wait," not knowing if new cores would be available when the new pilgrimage arrived? Not a fan. No Zoe to speak of in this episode? Not a fan. Skye being selective with what information she shares with Mira? Not a fan - why wouldn't she just tell Mira about the alleged convoy? I was looking forward to watching this episode when it appeared in my DVR, but by the time it was over... I wasn't even looking forward to next week, which is the season (and still perhaps series) finale. Normally, the only reason I wouldn't look forward to a finale is if I was just so upset that the show was going off the air. This time, I am really getting to the point where I don't care. I've gone back and forth on this show for the past few months... will next week turn this around?

Terra Nova "Within" (S01E11): Taylor tells Jim that the portal being in one place didn't happen until the fourth pilgrimage, when they constructed a contraption to identify the location. Before that, who knew where they would show up! [that sounds pretty crazy! being a couple of miles off is bad, but being in a lake is much worse!] Jim finishes up his interviews for the spy hunt, including Skye, who tells him that she was with Josh at her house during the time in question. She also says that the cuts on her hands are from construction duty. Skye then finds Josh and asks him to be her alibi if questioned.

Mady's core blows and she needs a new one to run her PLEX device. [I never, ever remember what those things are called!] Josh gives her a suggestion of someone to trade with, though Elisabeth tells her to just wait until the 11th pilgrimage arrives. [not being able to read or do work for a few days would bother me, so I totally understand why Mady doesn't want to wait!] Mady tries to trade an abacus, a stuffed animal, and a scarf for the core, but realizes that she has to have something the guy needs... like a new wheel for his wheelchair. [she had an abacus collection? wow...] Mady asks Reynolds to help her find a wheel. But, by the time Mady gets back to the trader with a wheel, someone has beat her to it, so she goes to Boylan, who bought it. She tries to pawn off her organizational services for the core, but once he finds out that she is Jim's daughter, he just gives it to her instead.

That night, Skye heads OTG, gets a gun from a hiding place, and heads to the Sixers' place to talk to her mom. She is met by Lucas, who demands that she plug in a flashdrive into the Eye... other wise he'll throw her mother over the edge of the treehouse. [that's a pretty rough way to die!] The next day, Skye goes into the Eye and plugs in the drive.

Jim has extra patrols out and about, and has a security camera placed at a drainage ditch. The camera catches Skye leaving to return the drive to Lucas. Jim double-checks the story with Josh before going to Taylor, and Josh admits to lying. [why? why come clean? you have nothing to lose yet, Josh!] Jim takes away his guitar and re-grounds him, then heads to Taylor. Taylor tells Jim that the banished guy has infiltrated the Sixers' camp. Taylor invites Skye to play chess, and has Reynolds come up and report about a convoy in front of her. Taylor and Jim then watch Skye go through the drainage area again, and figure that she is taking that information to Mira. Taylor doubles-up on weaponry for the trip, and they go OTG. Soon, Jim deduces that the Sixers must be holding something over Skye. [well, yeah. it only makes sense.]

Mira tells Skye that her intel has sucked lately, and Lucas tells her not to go back to Terra Nova. Upset, Skye confesses everything to her mom, who tells her to stop spying. Instead, Skye's mom tells her to go tell Taylor the truth and never come back. [that's got to be hard to say and hard to hear... but, true.] Jim finds hacked cards that Skye has been using to access the building where she keeps her weapon, so they head to check out the area. Skye returns, they catch her, and they don't believe a word that she's saying until she utters "August 2138," which has meaning to Lucas and Taylor. (that's when Lucas' mother died... we're not exactly sure of what happened, but we know that Taylor couldn't save her and Lucas holds that against him. Jim also knows this.)

Cr: Jasin Boland/FOX
Taylor and Jim head to the portal, but send a bunch of soldiers there, who report that there's some unscheduled activity going on. Lucas shows up and and uses the portal to injure the soldiers. [that looked like it REALLY hurt!] Taylor arrives and Lucas tells him that it's all over, and disappears through the portal. While this is all going on, Skye tells Josh about her mom, then is called to the hospital, where the banished guy returned with Skye's mom (who should make a full recovery!). Taylor believes that the banished guy has earned a second chance now.
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