Saturday, January 21, 2012

Archer - "The Man from Jupiter"

by Jonathan Bredemeyer

Hello, TheTalkingBox Readers! We're thinking of adding Archer to our lineup. This is our first review of it, and if enjoyed, we'll keep it up. Let us know what you think!

[Note: This show is rated MA, and may be reviewed in a similar style.]

"The Man from Jupiter" (S03E04): In a rare twist, this episode opens with Archer striking out with the 'not pretty chick' and getting beat up by Burt Reynolds [playing himself by the way...]. After kissing up as hard as possible to Mr. Reynolds, Archer's mother shows up as his date.

Day drinking in the ISIS office, Archer and mom argue about Burt Reynolds and sex. Apparently, Archer has an issue with his mom being with his childhood idol. [For some reason, all the ISIS employees have box-shaped computers with a red enter key and phones built into them?] They can still look up Burt Reynolds' pictures apparently...

Cyril bugs Archer as Lana teases Archer about the Cuban hit squad currently after him. She suggests he go to the safe house for while, but Archer refuses, convinced that it's a ploy to get him out of the way while mom bangs his man-crush. So, as a solution, Archer sends a card to his mom from Burt Reynolds, breaking it off while he kidnaps him. 

image courtesy of FOX FLASH
Having Burt Reynolds as a prisoner proves too much for Archer [while he orders a Pimm's cup in a pimp cup], and he narrowly avoids being suckered by getting credit for a screenplay. The ISIS team is headed up to Archer's apartment when they get ambushed by the Cuban hit squad. Archer strikes a deal with Burt Reynolds that if he can't catch the Cuban hit squad, he'll never call Archer's mom again. 

As Burt Reynolds' driving terrifies Archer chasing the Cubans chasing the ISIS team, he crashes a bunch of cop cars, goes on two wheels through an alley, and then tricks the Cubans into shooting each other. As a final act of personifying heroism, he saves the ISIS team from crashing, then heads off to take Archer's mom on their date.

Why do the only disturbing comments come from Pam nowadays?

Memorable Lines from the Episode
Pam: "You could drown a toddler in my panties right now."

Burt to Archer: "You should get a bat pole." "Yep, $9000."
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Shaun said...

Pam is just a disturbing HR person, which plays into the comedy of the show. What kind of HR person is she when she is worse then the other people around? The whole shows has developed in the last 2 seasons from being all about Archer to including all the supporting characters more which will add to the show immensely. I like Burt Reynolds character in the show, most of the time when we see hero worship on shows they want to show us how human they are. However, Reed chooses to make Burt everything Archer said he was and then some. The only bummer I see has to be working nights at DISH now, it means I will never be home on Thursday nights to watch. That is the reason I bought my sling adapter, so I wouldn’t be without my television when possible. Unfortunately I can’t watch it using the stream on my phone, no chance of that early of a lunch, but when I do go to lunch, or even on the bus home in the morning I can watch Archer and get a good laugh on the bus, or anywhere that I happen to be.

Unknown said...

Nice! Got a slingbox for watching TV everywhere as well. Just don't play Archer out loud, less Pam's comments get you in trouble with a REAL HR person... Will Burt Reynolds be a permanent character? I think I think Archer winging it in tough situations more than betting Burt can't pull him out...