Saturday, January 21, 2012

Teen Mom 2: Chelsea Working, Jenelle Detoxing, Kailyn & Leah Around

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

As the title of this post suggests, not much happened for Kailyn and Leah this week. We saw Kailyn file for child support last episode, and this episode we get some more specific figures and see her talk about the situation with Jo. Otherwise, not much. For Leah, Corey expresses an interest in becoming a coal miner, and Ali gets splints (which we were expecting), so not much there. The other girls, on the other hand, had decent storylines. We see Chelsea apply to a few jobs, take an interview, and later be offered a position at a tanning salon, a job that will probably fit her well. Oh, and she has issues with Adam, but I'm almost ready to ignore him completely these days, what about you? For Jenelle, we learn just how big a problem marijuana is for her, as she's incredibly stressed at not being able to smoke EVERY SINGLE DAY. She's trying to stay clean, but, in her mind, neither Barbara nor Kieffer are making that easy. In what may be bigger news, Jenelle actually moved out of her mother's house (again!) and in with a friend. You know this probably won't last, but it should make for an interesting scene or two as they fight and Jenelle demonstrates yet again just how non-personable she really is.

Teen Mom 2 "Making Moves" (S02E08):
Photo by MTV
Chelsea: She loves the new apartment. [good.] She applies for jobs at a gym, a beauty supply store, and a tanning salon. [on the bright side, she seems to know the areas in which she might excel!] She gets an interview at the tanning place, and they later call to offer her the job, starting Tuesday the 25th. [of January, 2011.] Her mom is planning to watch Aubree when Chelsea works. [convenient.] Adam apparently lives 30 miles from Chelsea now, and when he goes over there, he sits there playing with his phone, which annoys her. [well, yeah. she was planning on a movie night, after all.] After a quiet fall-out, Adam stops talking to her... again. 

Kailyn: Joe is upset that Kailyn will be working for $8/hour part-time and living off the government and child support. [the girl is going to school. She doesn't have a lot of work experience. the economy sucks. how exactly is she supposed to make much more than that?] He's afraid that the child support will take 25-50% of his paychecks, and it ends up being nearly 50% when he later finds out that it'll be $489/month. Kailyn and Jo have a pretty mature talk about the situation, but Jo thinks that too much is being taken, especially since they're not together. [they totally don't see eye-to-eye about how the amount is calculated, though they both try to reiterate their perspectives.] The conversation eventually escalates, and Jo says that he's going to take Kailyn to court about all of this. [which we all expected. and I'm willing to bet that his mommy is going to tell him what to say, or even say it for him.]

Leah: Corey wants a different job, one with better insurance. So, he's thinking of getting into coal mining, and wants to start working for his certification. [interesting. I wonder how one just "decides" to start mining coal. Did a friend in the business just tell him that it's good money?] They might move later on, which could help them out a bit. Ali gets her splints put on, and they find out that Ali may have an unspecified type of skeletal dysplasia, a form of dwarfism. [sounds like Corey waited until the last minute to bring up the coal thing, since he started classes the NEXT DAY.]

Jenelle: Jenelle is struggling to quit using drugs. [good!] Barbara will let Jenelle feed, bathe, and put Jace to bed. [that's a good start, I think.] Barbara also wants her to get a job, but that seems to be the breaking point for Jenelle. "I have not smoked all day... I'm about to freak out." [oh my goodness! she's gone A WHOLE DAY without drugs and she thinks she deserves a medal??] Barbara offers Jenelle some drug rehab, which she clearly needs at this point, but all that does is make Jenelle go complain about Barbara to a friend. It just so happens that this friend offers to let Jenelle have a room at her place, for $300-$400/month. [how in the world will Jenelle be able to pay for that?] So, Jenelle tells Barbara about her plan, and Barbara tells her that she needs to be civil with her and make plans to see Jace more than an hour a week. [truth!] She's moving out immediately, even though Barbara reminds her that she doesn't have a job yet. Kieffer messages her on Facebook and wants to meet up. [...and you know where this is going...]
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