Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Exes: Doing for Another

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

In the first episode recapped below, Stuart helps out both Holly and Phil. In the second, Phil helps his ex-wife and Haskell helps out unknown strangers. And, of course, as always, Eden is helping out Holly in the romance department. It's interesting what a "team" dynamic this show has already developed in the first set of episodes. Obviously that's part of what the premise had in mind by putting three "needy" guys together in one apartment, but I think that this aspect of the show is really coming together. I may not be a fan of the constant "Holly sucks at dating" theme that's flooding the storylines, and I really wonder why Haskell isn't getting fuller plots to himself, but on the whole, I think that this sitcom is really shaping up to be pretty good. [and, as regular readers may recall, I've been having my doubts about this show on and off since the pilot.] The overall critical opinion is mixed, and the numbers aren't amazing, but it might just make it. Now, we also need for the episodes to continue to be interesting, because three or four duds out of the first ten ain't a good sign.

The Exes "Lost in Translation" (S01E07): Haskell bought a coffin... basically because he had no reason not to. [so THIS is the type of guy he's going to be...] He polishes it and puts up ads around the building to sell it. He does, however have to keep it at Holly's because it kills the mood for Phil's date. [haha]

Holly, Phil, and Stuart go out to the downstairs bar, and Stuart messes things up immediately. Holly tries to get him to help her meet a guy, but she ends up ruining that when she hacks on a popcorn kernel. [who serves popcorn at a bar? it goes stale so quickly! Also, LoL at "omg I'm such a big fan of buildings."] Eden helps Holly by putting some of her mail into the guy's mailbox (they live in the same building), so he'll have to bring it back to her. [how many sitcoms have done this now? haha.] She sits around waiting for him to show up, but after hours go by she decides to go out to get wine and ice cream, feeling sad. [makes sense. In fact, I've almost been there!] Unfortunately, when she gets back to her apartment, he's in the hallway to deliver her mail... she's quite a sight after being out in a storm, tho! It only gets worse when they go inside and Haskell wakes up from taking a nap in the coffin in the living room. [why in the WORLD was he doing that??]

So, that was Holly's story. After Stuart tried helping Holly at the bar, he ended up needing to help Phil. Phil was hitting on a girl who only speaks Serbian, and Stuart happens to know the language and can translate. [why would someone act so awkwardly around someone, regardless of whether they're a lingerie model??] Stuart leaves the duo alone and they head upstairs, but the language barrier quickly becomes a problem without a translator. [the episodes of Frasier and Friends where Roz and Phoebe need translators, anyone?] The Serbian girl asks Phil to dinner the following evening, and Stuart will be joining, of course. He also develops a thing for her, even putting on some of Phil's cologne. [I feel like cologne/perfume is one of those things you just don't use without asking... am I wrong?] The girl flirts with both of them, and Phil worries that Stuart will steal her from him, so they decide to make her choose... She wants them to be a threesome of sorts, but it's over when they won't kiss one another. [this was never going anywhere anyway, so at least it ended on a funny note.]

The Exes "My Dinner with Phil" (S01E08): Haskell is taking traffic school for other people... and making $200 a pop in the process. [hahaha. SO illegal. funny, tho! I'm sure a few folks I know would pay for such things!]

Eden tells Holly that one of the other lawyers in their office is into her, but Holly is afraid that she'll lose her job if she accepts his advances. [very true. you gotta be careful!] Eden continues to try and get Holly to flirt, but when she won't, Eden interferes and makes up reasons why they have to work at Holly's place the following day. Holly believes it may get romantic (borrowing wine and candles from the guys), and that's the way the meeting begins. [interesting!] However, it comes to a halt quickly when the guy suddenly has a heart attack! [Holly just can't catch a break.]
Stuart's favorite restaurant is closing down, and he wanted Holly to come with him for a final meal. [awww. how sweet.] But, she has to work late, so bribes Phil to take her place by saying that she'll just forget about how he's two months behind on the rent. At the restaurant, Stuart goes to feed Phil some bread when Phil's ex-wife shows up. [hence, the image to the right.] It's a pricy place, so when Phil sees that she's drinking champagne and eating lobster while he struggles to pay both rent and alimony, he's pissed. [yep!] The guys end up getting thrown out of the restaurant, and Phil's ex-wife comes to the apartment to complain about how he embarrassed her in public. They make out for a hot minute before she reveals that she's getting married the next day to a TV marital therapist. [are we supposed to believe that Phil is just that irresistible? because I'm not buying it.] Well, now that he doesn't have to pay alimony anymore, he dances around, plans to buy a motorcycle in celebration, and goes out to dinner with the guys to celebrate. He doesn't get to be too jubilant, however, because he soon sees "Dr. Ted" with another woman. [well that sucks. and you just KNOW Phil's going to do the honorable thing and tell his ex...] Stuart wants Phil to tell his ex the truth about what he saw, but Phil tries to ignore it so he can stop paying alimony. But, when Haskell intervenes, Phil ends up going to tell his wife the truth. [really? Haskell convinced him?] At first she doesn't believe him, but after realizing how much money it'll cost him to tell her, she goes to confront Dr. Ted. [OF COURSE she didn't believe him right away. I'd be shocked if she did!] Phil manages to get the restaurant to open just for them two days after "closing," and the guys and Holly enjoy a meal together. 
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