Monday, January 23, 2012

Little People, Big World: Zach's Future

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

It's a good thing that there are plenty of outlets reminding us that Little People, Big World is still doing specials here and there, because the randomness is quite ridiculous. I have no idea why they decided to air a new hour-long look at the Roloffs right now. The last one was centered on Matt, and the one before it on Jeremy, so I guess we're working our way through the family with Zach this time. Molly's been kinda camera-shy through the years, so I guess I'll bet Amy is next, and then maybe a Molly/Jacob combo? I always enjoyed the episodes that focused on Zach, since watching him grow up and confront various milestones was pretty interesting. He takes a different approach from Jeremy, and Amy often mentioned how certain things are just difficult for dwarfs. This episode illustrates just that - Zach taking strides toward making his dream of becoming a professional soccer coach a reality, and opening up about his first real relationship, including his first kiss. Maybe I read too much into it, but I had assumed he had kissed that one girl he took to a dance back in the day. oops. I'm very happy for Zach, though I think they might have stretched something into more than it needed to be. I mean, they haven't even been together for a year and half of this special is designated to their relationship?
Little People, Big World "Zach's New Love" (Special): The twins are 21 now, though we don't see Jeremy this episode, since he's off in college. Instead, we focus on Zach, who has had the same job for pretty much five years now, though he does have more responsibilities than when he started. He's also dating a girl named Tori now, and has been since pumpkin orientation. [there was a tiny bit about them hanging out in a previous special.] He also shared his first kiss with her, though he was rather insecure and worried in the beginning about the difference in their heights being a problem. Tori assured him that it didn't bother her, and they have a lot in common, including playing soccer on a co-ed team. We see the couple go to the beach with Molly and Jacob and ride recumbent bicycles on the sand. [it was really windy!] Jacob asks Zach [a very staged] "how long have you and Tori been dating," and the answer is seven months. Later, we see Tori come over to the house to help Zach clean his room. [dang, it was messy!] We learn that Tori is a good student who wants to be a teacher. [didn't Zach was to teach at one point?] Zach talks about some of the issues that they have when they go out - like Zach tending to walk in front or move to open spaces so he can see in a crowd. [again, interesting, since these are things I don't think about.] Zach admits to the camera that he thinks Tori is close to saying "I love you," but he thinks that she's waiting for him to say it first. [Zach is so cute.]

Matt wants Zach to think about how he'll make a living in the future, and even tells him that he'll lose his girlfriend if he doesn't figure out a way to "bring home the bacon" and go somewhere with his life. Amy also asks Zach about what he wants to do beyond the soccer stadium, and says that if he doesn't move on, Tori may move on without him. [interesting that both parents are trying to hold his girlfriend over his head as a reason to try harder in life.] Matt takes Zach to race go-karts in an attempt to bond, and he took the time to call ahead and have them modify the cars for their sizes. [wow. again, so interesting since I didn't think of that.] Matt races faster, but ends up wiping out when he pushes the car too hard. Well, all of the comments from the family must be impacting Zach at least a little, since he decides to call the Portland Timbers to try and get more experience. He goes in for an interview and is told that it's a really rough career and incredibly stressful. [tho I think Zach was a little in awe at being next to the coach, LoL.] In the end, he is told to stay in touch, and to work on his next license in the mean time. Amy tells him to follow-up ASAP, so Zach has Tori, Molly, and a friend help come up with some good things to say in an email. [I don't know that asking for so many different perspectives was a good thing. Maybe he could have talked to Tori and/or Molly in private?]

We don't know how much time passes, but Zach is asked to do an internship for the final Timbers home game of the season, which Matt coincidentally has tickets to. Zack arrives three hours early and receives a uniform. He'll be helping to track the event's progress, much like a stage manager for a show. [it's got to be awkward to have a camera crew there for your first time at a "job."] Zach enjoyed watching the coach throughout the game and had a good time. [I guess this was probably a good opportunity to feel out someone's skills and whatnot, but isn't a few-hour "internship" kind of strange? or is that how it's done in sports?]
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