Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Roloffs: Jeremy Leaves for College

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I really enjoyed Little People, Big World when it was on the air. I still follow Matt Roloff on Twitter, and I check on their Facebook page from time to time. So, when I heard (thru Twitter, haha) that they were filming some more, I got excited. The special wasn't actually all that amazing, but everyone has changed a little, and it's nice to see a more mature Jacob, among other things.

Little People, Big World "Big Changes" (Special Presentation): Matt and Amy mention that they've talked about divorcing on and off for the past five or six years. It's not really addressed whether this is currently on the table, but it does seem that they're going to stay on the farm. [when the series wrapped up, Matt and Amy were considering moving to a smaller property.] However, Matt wants to expand the farm another 75 acres since the neighbor's land is up for sale... Amy doesn't look thrilled.

Photo: TLC
Jeremy wants to do landscape and nature photography, largely because of growing up on the farm.  He applied to the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, and got accepted, which Amy was thrilled about, brought Zach surprise, and sorta confused Matt, who wanted him to go to business school. [we don't hear anything about how Jeremy chose that college, and it appears that he didn't tour it before applying.] The family does a 10-day road trip in an RV to Santa Barbara. [When they play twenty questions, Amy asks if the person is average height. I've played 100 times and never asked that... interesting.] The family takes a tour of the campus and learns a lot about the program and the school. It's kinda last-minute, as Jeremy would be moving in less than a month. [How do they have no idea what a studio apartment is?]

The family goes to San Luis Obispo and stays at the Madonna Inn. While Matt and Amy eat by themselves, the kids joke about their parents. [kinda funny.] Jeremy has no regrets about taking a while to decide what he wants to do, then confronts Zach about his plans. While on the trip, the Roloffs stop at California Lutheran, as Molly is interested in going there. She enjoys the trees on the campus. [LoL. I laughed when she mentioned that the trees are a deciding factor for her.]

Amy and Matt keep questioning Zach (who, at 21, is still going to the same community college and works at the same soccer place) on when/where he'll be doing college. Zach admits that he's not motivated. Zach realizes that Jeremy does a lot of the initiating of stuff, so he'll have to step up a bit now. [that's a good realization.] There's a little pressure on Zach to go away in another year.

Back home, the family has a big party for Jeremy. Jeremy drives the old VW van to Santa Barbara. [this kid has had a ton of cars! must take after his father, LoL!] Oh, and a random moment: Matt and Amy race some of the mules and Amy wins.
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