Friday, January 20, 2012

HIMYM: Lily & Marshall Don't Live Here Anymore

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Not the most fitting title for an episode.At least I didn't think so. The episode had a few merits, but on the whole it was rather boring and not worth a re-watch. Though I may be partial because I'm not a fan of Lily's dad, and am not the biggest fan of segmented episodes that don't involve Marshall with the guys. Plus, Kevin isn't adding much to the dynamic here... how much longer are we really going to keep him around? I mean, I know that Kal Penn wants to be back in entertainment and all, but hasn't his character served its purpose on this show? Or are we waiting until the have sex and worry about a possibly conception again? Because that's not going to be a worthy episode. Hopefully we'll drop him by the end of the season if nothing else, right?!?

How I Met Your Mother "46 Minutes" (S07E14): Marshall and Lily give out spare keys to their new house, which is 46 minutes away by train. [awww. it's like the end of an era! but, seriously, who gives out that many spare keys to non-neighbors and non-family?] Lily's father has been visiting for two weeks now, and he keeps changing the way the couple decorates. Marshall blows a fuse and can't find the fusebox, but they already told Mickey that they don't want his help, so they're kinda stuck. [in a very dumb way for a very dumb reason.] Mickey steals the matches so Marshall can't find them, making the situation even worse. He does eventually decide to help Marshall, but has him doing strange things to find the fuse box, though it works. The whole experience inspired Mickey's successful board game Lites Out! [hahaha!]

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Ted, Barney, and Robin all sit on one side of the booth and won't let Kevin sit on the other side, since that's where Marshall and Lily used to sit. [gag me. you're kidding, right?] Barney decides that he's the new leader of the gang, and he and Kevin believe that the group should move on, and Barney pushes for everyone to go to a strip club. [LoL at early-relationship-chicken. so true for youngins... dunno about these guys...] StripperLily is at the club, and so is her boyfriend... so Barney deems them the new members of the gang, and we see a Russian version of the opening titles, complete with the new characters instead of Marshall and Lily. StripperLily and her boyfriend head to a poker game, so the group goes with, at Barney's insistence. Ted is winning, but things turn violent. StripperLily and FakeMarshall take the group to a big party with an expensive cover charge, which DrunkTed is willing to pay from his winnings. An hour later, they realize they were robbed. So, Ted decides to take charge, and they head to Long Island to see Marshall and Lily. [yes, in the middle of the night.] The bigger deal here is that Kevin actually says "no," and now he and Robin can be honest with one another. [...good?]

In the morning, the gang is there and they all enjoy Mickey's pancakes. Lily even decides that her dad can stay... though the episode ends on the creepy note of Mickey spying on a widow through the window.
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