Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Simpsons: The History of a Rag

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Yes, seriously. We were treated to a horrid episode made up of a bunch of shorts that told the life story of the bar rag at Moe's Tavern. The rag itself told the story. To nobody in particular. We crossed the globe through centuries, from Medieval France to Mount Everest to Springfield. We see bits of the rag (once part of a tapestry) being utilized in a bunch of ways by many people... ending its story by being a companion to a dog. And that's all I'm going to say, as I don't want to promote this episode at all.

The Simpsons "Moe Goes from Rags to Riches" (S23E12): [haha about the space shuttle for sale.] The couch gag has the family going through several old sets as old characters from shows like Cheers and The Brady Bunch. [haven't we seen the Simpson family as the Bradys before?]

The town is having a meeting at Moe's, since City Hall is being fumigated. [ahh on "sangre de los muertos" - on the fly, I believe that's "the blood of the dead" !!] Everyone starts making fun of Moe for only having one friend: his bar rag. This starts the story of the the bar rag...
In olden France, Burns (a Duke) commissions Marge to make a tapestry of his life story... she has 25 years to do so. [guess he wants it to be realllly long...] She works ceaselessly, but it's not what he expected, as she was possessed by the "demon wool" and ended up weaving futuristic scenes into the story. [that whole "demon sheep produce demon wool" thing was weird.] So, he burns down their home and rides off. But, he ends up accidentally hanging himself with it. [karma!] Next thing you know, we're in Persia and Nelson keeps casting aside wives. When Lisa is brought to him, she tells him a story for 1,001 nights... each night, she frees some of the women that he cast aside. [this show hasn't done 1,001 Nights before??] In the end, the women kill Nelson's guards, then him. Moving on, we see a famous ceiling being painted with part of the rag, someone is beheaded on the rag, and part being made into a confederate flag. Speeding right along, when the rag travels to mount Everest, a yeti takes it and uses it to comfort his "son," Moe. [now, I haven't seen about half of the Simpsons canon, so I might not be in the know... but are we supposed to know that Moe was raised in the mountains by a yeti...?]

Moe wakes up in the tavern without his beloved rag, freaking out. Turns out, Marge took it to wash. [still weird. though it was funny to hear that use of "ripe" again.] He's thrilled to get it back, but he casts is aside when the Simpson family tells him that they'e all his friends. [what? ridiculous.] Santa's Little Helper picks it up sleeps with it. The End.

Also, there's a random other storyline going on with Bart and Milhouse. Bart throws rocks at Milhouse's window, ending up getting one in his mouth. Our favorite underachiever tries hard to get Milhouse to be his friend again, particularly without changing anything. In the end, all is well anyway. [no idea what was going on here or why they needed this. I'm not even going to try to speculate.]
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