Friday, January 20, 2012

Two and a Half Men: Walden's Got a New Look

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Well, regular readers know by now that I often complain that nothing ever happens on this show, and we rarely see any secondary characters. This episode managed to have something happen (Walden changed his look and Alan's back with Lindsay), and we saw Lindsay, Eldridge, and Berta. I don't know how I feel about Lindsay being back in the picture, honestly. Eldridge is fairly useless, though if he and Jake manage to do something more than smoke pot, maybe a good storyline or two will come out of it. I'd still like to see more Berta, and I really don't understand how we're not doing much with her anymore. Also, I thought that Alan's online dating profile situation was going to be good, but it only lasted a minute or so... hopefully this will come up again, though I doubt it while Lindsay's back in the picture.

Two and a Half Men "A Possum on Chemo" (S09E14): Walden and Zoe are having issues - she wants him to have a cleaner look, more or less. Meanwhile, Alan is working on putting up an online dating profile, but he struggles to take a good photo. He talks his way into joining the couple on a night out, and immediately annoys both of them in different ways. [this was just so typical that part of the comedy wasn't there... we know that Alan bothers people, often without trying. Who are we trying to kid?] At the restaurant, Alan sees Lindsay so he goes over to talk to her... she's on a date though, with a guy named Dylan who drives a Ferrari! Alan tries to act as if Zoe was his date (and Walden's little sister), but that doesn't work when the two start making out in plain sight. [I know that this was supposed to be funny, but it was just too easy to predict.]

Later the night, Jake and Eldridge are high and watching Beavis & Butthead, and Alan joins them out of boredom. [have we reduced Jake to nothing but a pothead now?] Eldridge tells Alan that Dylan is gay and that Lindsay misses Alan. None of it was true... the boys just wanted to get rid of him. [this, I thought, was funny.] When Alan gets to Lindsay's, he can hear Lindsay and Dylan having sex, so he doesn't bother to go inside.

Photo by Darren Michaels© 2012
Warner Bros. Television.
Walden wants to know why the beard is bothering Zoe all of a sudden, and she admits that she wants a clean-shaven guy by her side for an office party coming up. Walden decides to have Berta cut his hair (apparently she used to be a hairdresser for a prison), but then he decides that he shouldn't change for a woman, and shows up at Zoe's unchanged. Obviously, he soon ends up leaving. Zoe comes over to Walden's, and he appears with short hair and a face like a baby's bottom. He explains that, "turns out, when you weren't nagging me to do it, I wanted to."

Alan gets a call from Lindsay, so he goes over there. She tells him that she and Dylan are over, then complains about how problematic it is to date a young man, and how great it is that Alan has low standards. [ooooh....] [all the fart references got annoying to me.]
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