Wednesday, February 8, 2012

2 Broke Girls: Balloons

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I'm so torn on the comedy of this show... sometimes the puns are so great, but other times the sexual tone is just disgusting. In this episode, however, neither of those won for most humorous moment. Instead, I was really drawn to Sophie's enactment of a balloon flying away... for some dumb reason, that just had me rolling! Well, that and "do you pee like a smurf?" Getting back to the topic of the episode, however, I think that it was appropriate to address that the girls have very different strengths. Max certainly has the street-smarts and the decorating ability (now that we know she's using boxed mixes, I'm not as impressed with her baking). Caroline has the business sense and the people skills. But, at least they haven't really hit an area yet where they both suck... I'm sure it's bound to happen, though! Also, do you think that they'll have a real website soon? It seems to me that CBS could really make that interactive, much like Barney's blogs and the other websites for How I Met Your Mother.

2 Broke Girls "And the Blind Spot" (S01E15): Sophie comes to the diner to interview the girls to take on a side job cleaning for her business. And, of course, Oleg hits on her. [I laughed at the joke that was along these lines: "if you have to ask if someone's in all the way, you better hope they've got a great tongue."] The next day, the girls clean Sophie's apartment as an audition, and we learn that Caroline knows nothing about cleaning while Max is "a bull." Sophie tells Max that Caroline is weighing her down. [LOVE Max's lipcolor! and the balloon sound.
Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS
haha at the DeLorean joke and "way to go, China." And what is that pink mess that Sophie is wearing??] They get the job and their first assignment, which is for a large male model. Caroline cleans the bathroom, but tries to flush paper towels so the toilet clogs, making blue water leak all over the floor. [another really funny moment? Max asking whether Caroline's water broke or she pees like a smurf! but why is Caroline wearing heels to clean houses? also, an entire roll to just clean a mirror? what?]

Later that night, Sophie comes by the apartment because she smells something burning (Caroline fell asleep and didn't take the cupcakes out of the oven), giving her yet another chance to illustrate to Max that Caroline is like one of the burnt cupcakes - a rock tying her down. [haha at "wake up you lazy b!tch" and "how are you so good at Spanish and so bad at cleaning?" and is Caroline wearing the same pants/leggings and necklace all episode but changing the other pieces? oh, and I don't like those bottoms on her.] The next apartment they go to clean belongs to an Abercrombie and Fitch model, who seems to be unconscious. Caroline knows how to make someone vomit after taking pills, and manages to save the day... which also proves that they are both the balloon in some ways. [so, the question here is, did Caroline's friend die the third time she overdosed or did someone else save her one of the times?]

Cupcakery total: $865.00.
[finally! They made some money!]

fun facts: we learned that Earl is 75 years old. Sophie smokes electric cigarettes (she smoked from age 5 to age 12, apparently). 
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