Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Exes: First Season Down

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

So the point of the season finale was that the guys are always there for Holly. Some are more willing to go out of their way than others, but all three back her up when it comes down to it. Luckily, the episode also managed to do a few other things. We learn that Stuart is still hung up on his ex-wife, though it's not like that's very difficult to believe. We learn that Phil keeps entirely too many photos in his phone, though that only enforced the womanizer characterization a little more. Throw in the fact that Haskell cares about very little other than getting deals on items that he can resell. So, at this point, ten episodes have gone by and the three guys are all just basic characters... not a lot of depth to any of them. Maybe that's what they're going for? I mean, the Three's Company crew didn't get all that fleshed out (in my opinion). When the show returns in June (yep, got renewed), I hope that this changes. I'm just not the biggest fan of useless characters...
The Exes "The Ex Always Ring Twice" (S01E10) [Season Finale]: Phil has finally landed a date with a girl he's been trying for. However, Holly decides that she needs to bring a date to a big attorneys event after Eden tells her that Brad is going to be there with a date. Phil doesn't jump to cancel his plans, so Holly settles for Stuart, though she almost decides to just "not go." Haskell volunteers to put on a whole false persona, but Holly declines. [I laughed at the character Haskell had in mind, however outrageous!] Well, once they arrive, Stuart immediately runs into someone he knows, who shares that Lorna (Stuart's ex) is engaged. As you might imagine, Stuart decides to start drinking... heavily. So, Holly asks Eden to stall Brad (by pretending not to find his name on the list) while she calls around, ordering both Haskell and Phil to head on down. [I love that she just tells them what to do!] Phil comes to her rescue, playing a boyfriend who didn't even know that Holly was previously engaged. [I don't know that I'd buy Stuart and Holly as a couple... they can kiss, but they don't really look all that "into one another," ya know?] However, this charade fails when Phil's real date comes in. [I was shocked that Phil put her "on hold" instead of calling it a night!] It only gets worse when a drunk Stuart tries to act as her date. Continuing to bring down the part, Haskell enters, having stolen bluetooth headsets from several swag bags on his way in... which causes him to be forcibly removed. Well, both of these scenes could have been avoided if Stuart's friend had accurate information... turns out, "Lorna" didn't get engaged, "Laura" did. [haha!]

Well, Brad's "date" is also a fake, and he says he misses Holly and that losing her was a big mistake. She brings him back to her apartment, where they start making out, only to be interrupted by the trio, trying to stop Holly from making a mistake. [I was surprised that Holly was falling for Brad's lines! I was surprised she even answered the door to shoo the guys, too.] Almost immediately, Brad starts mooching, telling Holly that he needs a job and a place to live. [oh man... really?!?] Luckily, she catches on rather quickly and tells him that the guys across the hall are her BFFs. [awwww.] The season ends with a group hug.
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