Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dance Academy: Warring Roommates

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

I'm so glad that I'm not in high school anymore. When I was in the seventh grade, one of my best friends told a boy that I was crushing on him. I was so angry with her we never spoke again. And the whole school didn't even find out about it... just a few of his friends, I'm sure. So, I totally feel for Tara... Abigail is a meanie. Though, I couldn't imagine locking someone in a room so they would miss a class, either! Speaking of the room, what was with having a window that looks into the hallway? Creepy!! I did like how we got some background on Christian (he's in the "cast photos" like the one below), as I wasn't sure what his deal was. His story wasn't really the main plot, though, so the punny episode title didn't fit all that well. And, while I'd love for Tara and Kat to be happy and rooming together, I can see Abigail's side to it, too. She doesn't seem to have many friends at all, so why should she want to make someone else happy? I imagine this will change eventually, but we'll have to wait and see. Additionally, I'm not thrilled with the lack of organized dance... we saw plenty of Tara practicing this episode, but just a scene or two in-class, and no feedback regarding how students are progressing (or not).
Photo: Werner Film Productions
Dance Academy "Behind Barres" (S01E03): Three boys are arrested, one of whom is Christian, the boy who made fun of Tara during auditions. Because his mother is dead and his father is "non-applicable," he's told to call his older brother (who has a wife and child) or be stuck in juvenile detention. Well, he winds up back at the National Academy anyway, and must remain there to avoid sentencing. [why does he act like it's a prison to be there? He certainly had to try in order to be accepted in the first place!] It's just as well, however, since it turns out that Christian's brother isn't willing to take in the little hoodlum. [can you blame him?] Ethan is assigned to show Christian the ropes, but Christian steals Ethan's wallet almost immediately... it takes a while, but Ethan eventually realizes what happened and a fight nearly breaks out. Christian admits to the theft and returns the wallet, sans cash. [this kid is just up to no good... also, is he Samuel's new roommate?]

Kat has a new roommate, but it's not an ideal situation, so Tara asks Abigail if she'd consider switching rooms. Not only does Abigail have no interest in doing so, it becomes apparent that she's not even going to think about doing something that would please Kat. [b!tch.] So, Sam and Kat help Tara come up with ways to annoy Abigail, figuring that would make her swap. Tara redecorates, uses some of Abigail's stuff, and even has Kat and Sam over to sing karaoke when Abigail is trying to sleep. [acting like this never solves anything. And where's the RA? Abigail seems like a total tattler...] Kat and Tara even lock Abigail in her room hoping to force her into signing a switch agreement by threatening to cause her to be absent from class. Two can play at this game, however, as Abigail not only uses some of Tara's stuff, but also uses Tara's computer to email the entire student body Tara's pro/con list abut Ethan (who is suddenly single). Tara winds up letting out Abigail so she doesn't miss class, but it's too late... everyone already read the message. Kat is the most upset, as she knows her brother is a heartbreaker and she's sick of her friends fawning over him. [I had a friend in HS in a similar situation... she didn't lose any close friends over it, though it did impact a few of the relationships she had with girls in our grade. Also, interesting swimsuit on Kat.]
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