Tuesday, March 20, 2012

GCB: Relationships

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Three episode in and I'm supposed to recognize three husbands in addition to four girls, plus Amanda, her family, and other townspeople? I'm not so great at keeping all of these people straight, so they better become clearer soon or that's going to be a deal-breaker alone! Of course, maybe I don't need to worry... opening with 7.25M viewers, they're already down to 6.07M, so if the show continues to drop, ABC will likely cancel it anyway. While I was surprised to find GCB premiered well below Pan Am (in the same timeslot), the latter went from 11M to 6.3M in the first three weeks, so they suffered a much more significant drop in viewers. Of course, ABC still hasn't actually cancelled Pan Am yet, despite the fact that they dropped to somewhere in the 3M range by the end of their 14-episode run. Anyway, back to Texas... this episode was a bit Cricket-heavy and family-light for me, though I did like the spotlight on Heather's love life (Carlene's, notsomuch). Overall, not a great episode, but I wasn't complaining the whole way! 

GCB "Love is Patient" (S01E03): Rip has been unable to perform in bed, so Carlene asks Cricket for advice. Cricket, meanwhile, is upset with her trainer, who just got engaged and can no longer "have sessions" with her. [apparently, Cricket believes "sessions" and "sex" are interchangeable.] Cricket is returning to Tae Kwon Do, and suggests that Carlene give it a try to ease her tension. [I liked Carlene's dress just before she went to the Tae Kwon Do lesson.] Carlene goes to the martial artist and asks for the same treatment he gives Cricket... but when he pulls out his genitals, Carlene injures him and takes off. [a great Kristin Chenoweth scene!] Carlene later confronts Blake, asking him to handle the situation and satisfy Cricket. Blake is angry at Circket "being sloppy" about their extramarital relations, and she says she's tired of acting like everything is great. They make up in the end, as Cricket knows that Blake does love her for who she is. [just another shrug-your-shoulders-and-move-on moment...]

Gigi is determined to get Amanda dating again, going as far as cancelling Family Movie Night, setting her up with multiple men, and having the pastor invite her to a singles' group at the church. Amanda isn't thrilled, as she's still grieving... which becomes increasingly difficult to do when she receives a letter from Bill. [written before his death.] Speaking of match-ups, Heather shows a house to an old classmate, Andrew, who talks about how he was a spazz when they were younger. Things haven't changed too much, and both are rather clumsy. Still, Heather takes an interest in him and drags Amanda with her to that singles' group in order to be around him some more! [Heather can be crafty, too, apparently.] 

At the singles' event, Cricket, Sharon, and Carlene are there with their husbands, as "marriage all-stars" to lead groups - one for never married and one for previously married. Well, this means Heather and Andrew can't hang out together, though they are kissing by the end of the episode. [I kinda wanted this romance to drag out. Guess it's not my day. Or things just move too quickly in Texas!] Well, Rip takes this opportunity to try and snoop on Amanda - her husband suckered him into that Ponzi scheme and he's dying to get back some of his lost money. This is news to Carlene, but she's willing to help Rip, especially when it comes to learning Amanda's secrets! So, Rip pulls the fire alarm in order to steal the pinata into which Amanda has
stuffed her "marital grievances" and he and Carlene go through it later. They realize that Bill might still be alive, hiding out in South America. Amanda busts a pinata at her house and realizes that it isn't hers. [I really don't have much to say about this whole plotline... these folks are sneaky and nosy... these are points that have certainly been driven home in the short time that the drama has been on the air. though I hope something juicy comes of Amanda smashing the wrong pinata!]

Sharon finally decides to fight for Zach, so she tells Amanda to stay away from him, though Amanda just blames Zach. [and it WAS his fault.] It takes a while before Sharon can actually confront Zach, and she even calls the Texas Chili council for advice. [I don't mind getting advice from a complete stranger if you want it, but a cooking hotline for marriage advice??] Sharon finally says something at the singles' night, and Zach admits that he doesn't have the life he dreamed of. Sharon panics, but Zach later expounds, explaining that he's upset about not lasting as a professional football player, and asks Sharon's forgiveness. [well this whole multi-episode arc was now pretty pointless, huh?]
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