Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Two and a Half Men: Should Alan be Worried?

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Did we really need that much recap from recent episodes? I think they gave us more background than necessary for this episode. Especially because, once again, not much happened. Zoey gets back from London, fights with Walden, and might move into the Malibu beach house. Alan's mother is still "seeing" the mother of his girlfriend, and he may get booted from his "home." Now, the main hinge here is that Alan thinks he needs to be worried about Evelyn and Jean (and what that will do to his own relationship with Lyndsey), but what he really needs to worry about it the possibility that he'll need to find a new place to live - Zoey told Walden TWICE in this episode that Alan's got to go. He's not going to want to live at Evelyn's with Jean there, so he might resort to giving Lyndsey's another go... but as soon as Evelyn dumps Jean, that could go sour, too. Maybe it's time to actually see Alan figure out how to live on his own? And, how quickly will this play out... the season is winding down!

Two and a Half Men "Grandma's Pie" (S09E20): Zoey is on her way back from three weeks in London and wants Alan out of Walden's house. Walden has a more pressing problem, however... he's working with Bridget again (on the electric suitcase idea) and hasn't told Zoey. He shared the news just after sex, trying to compare his seeing Bridget for business with Zoey seeing her ex-husband for their daughter. [which, actually, isn't the worst analogy in the world.] Walden tries to bring the girls together by having them over for (a Berta-made) dinner. It's not going great but things go downhill quickly when Bridget implies that Zoey is after Walden for his money. [I hadn't considered this... I guess it's a possibility.] Walden "fixes" the problem by inviting Zoey to live with him... which would also mean Alan needs to move out. Yes, Walden has gifted Alan 100 shares of Founder's Stock, but that's not quite the same... [Alan repeatedly getting chills when his living situation is discussed elsewhere was funny... reminded me of Daphne's headaches when Lilith was in town on Frasier.]
Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS
Speaking of Alan, he's busy dealing with the fact that Evelyn and Jean are now a couple. [I still don't really understand that one.] Lyndsey feels that Evelyn is taking advantage of her mother. [yeah... this is the first time I've seen her name spelled like that (it was in Lorre's end page), so my apologies for the misspelling everyplace before here.] Jean and Evelyn get matching tattoos and Jean is planning to move in with Evelyn. The women have dinner with Alan and Lyndsey, Jake and Eldridge, but the younger boys never catch on to their grandmothers' relationship. [nobody ever claimed they picked up on things!]
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