Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Two and a Half Men: Walden's Friend's Idea

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

This may be the quickest that a character has ever uttered the name of the episode! And, as per the usual, it's not related to the bulk of the plotlines. No Zoey, Lindsay, Evelyn, or Jake, though we do see a little of Berta. the episode is primarily Walden and Alan, with a guest star as Walden's friend and a shot or two of Bridget. Overall, the episode continues to demonstrate just how low Two and a Half Men has sunk. I'm glad there are only a few episodes remaining... and I kinda hope that Ashton Kutcher isn't able to come to terms with CBS... let's just put this show out of its misery.

Two and a Half Men "The War Against Gingivitis" (S09E18): Bridget skypes Walden to tell him that his friend, Billy, called with a business proposition. But, something went wrong in the past and Walden wants nothing to do with Billy. [Alan dropping tons of glasses and dishes was funny.] Alan asks Walden who Billy is, and Walden says that Billy didn't want to sell the company and went crazy... there are internet videos of him calling Walden a pretty boy, a sell-out, and a giant d0uche. So, when Billy comes to the house, Alan acts as a barrier... right up until the words "billion dollar" are mentioned. Then, he lets him in with open arms to find out more. Well, "web-based aggregate upstream power grid manipulation" means nothing to Alan, but a $50 bribe definitely gets him to bring Walden downstairs. [I laughed when Alan realized that he should have held out for more moolah.] When Billy finally apologizes to Walden, they figure out how to divide the work for the new idea, which is nicknamed "the electric suitcase." Alan wants in, so he volunteers to bake cookies and run errands. [hahahahaha. leave it to Alan.] What does this do, however?
Photo: Sonja Flemming/CB
It leads Alan to realize that the closest thing he has to a friend is Berta. So, while Walden and Billy compete to see who can go the longest without urinating (hence the picture with the guys chugging Red Bulls), Alan shows up at Berta's, wanting to do something. [once again, Walden is the most immature guy EVER.] Berta asks Alan to run an errand... bringing an envelope of money to a guy. But, Berta owes more than she sends with Alan, so his car is shot was he speeds away. [omg!!!] The episode ends with Billy admitting to Walden that he's been sleeping with Bridget, but they power through and finish the "electric suitcase," which is able to take out all of the power in North America.

Fun facts
: Alan's passwords are Jake, Jake1, Jake2, Alan, Alan1, BigScaryLady. His "favorite state" isn't something like Hawaii or California, it's "engorged." [whoa.] And, lastly, Alan keeps THREE types of dental floss in his POCKET. [double whoa!]
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