Tuesday, February 28, 2012

2 Broke Girls: Caroline's Birthday

by Amy K. Bredemeyer

Sucks not to have a smartphone... having to go into a Kinko's to use GoogleMaps to find your way home is ridiculous, though resourceful. Of course, how you find Kinko's without a map is a separate problem. Don't get me wrong, I've gotten lost plenty of times before owning a smartphone (one time I was one exit away from being in a different state), but one of the main reasons I got one was to be able to get around in places foreign to me. Moving on... the scene in the diner where everyone was ratting on eachother reminds me of the Monica-Ross-Chandler scene in Friends, only that was funnier. Still, this episode was pretty hilarious, once you get past the multitude of sex jokes. The best part, however, was FUDGIE THE WHALE! When I was in grad school we had one for an acquaintance's birthday and only about three out of the twelve of us were familiar with the cake beforehand. I'm dying for one now, they are so yummy! Anyone have one recently?

2 Broke Girls "And the One-Night Stands" (S01E18): Han tells Max, Earl, and Oleg that Caroline's birthday is coming up, and Max is baffled as to why she doesn't know this. [true... you'd think it would have come up in the five or six months that they've been living together now.] Han demands Max throw a party, but Max has no money and no great birthday memories, so she isn't thrilled about that responsibility. [Max's birthday, by the way, is in a two-week period in June. Her license must have something official-ish though, right? and LMAO at "exchanging ATM pin numbers."] The webmaster is at the diner, finishing up a few things before the cupcake business website goes live. [oh geez... "browse your yahoo" ...?] Sophie comes in to get a cupcake on her way to 24 Hour Fitness, but seeing Caroline make out with the webmaster gets her hott and she ends up having Oleg spend the night. [ahhh!] The next morning, Caroline and Oleg pass one another and agree to form a "don't tell anyone" pact. [uh huh. bets on how long this will take to be all over the diner?]

After Max realizes that Caroline was with the webmaster the night before, all of the diner employees start ratting on one another. [it's a good scene, though I think that it could have been written AND directed a little better.] The birthday party isn't too exciting, and Caroline asks Max to get rid of the webmaster [haha, BigHan!] because she doesn't want a relationship. [anyone else a little surprised that Caroline had a one-night stand?] Similarly, Sophie tells Max to get rid of Oleg. Soon enough, the party is over and Caroline admits to Max that all she really wants is to see her father.

Ever-resourceful Max finds a bus that goes to the prison, which the riders call "the bang bus," because of all the conjugal visits. [oh goodness! and "who you here to see?" "Who's available?" made me laugh.] But, they're not the visitors list...
Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS
[and whyyyy did they not call ahead?] Caroline tries sweet-talking, false names, and bribery, but it's Max's offer to let the warden feel her up while being searched that gets them in. [how much you wanna bet that the girls didn't have fifty bucks on them?] While they're waiting for Caroline's father to be brought out, a prisoner recognizes Max. Turns out, he was a one-night stand who became obsessed with her, even getting her tattooed on his torso! [WHOA.] Unfortunately, the guy gets violent and the prison has to put a stop to visiting hours, and Caroline barely gets a glimpse of her dad. On the ride home, the whole bus is angry at the girls... so they stop by a Carvel and buy some Fudgie the Whale cake for everyone. [have you ever been on a bus where the driver agreed to a willy-nilly stop? Because I've only had it happen ONCE. And WHY did Caroline have such a bad impression of Carvel??]

Cupcakery Savings Total: $625.00
[we went down $200 for the website and $40 for Fudgie.]
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